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How Window Curtains Adds a Superior Look in the Rooms?


There are several ways in which window curtains can enhance the appearance of a room. Choosing a style is crucial. A short curtain can make a room look smaller, while a long curtain will help prevent dust from collecting. However, curtains that are too long can also be a tripping hazard. The ideal length should be just below the floor. Listed below are some ideas for hanging your curtains.

The length of the drapes is another important factor

The most fashionable drapes will brush the floor with a hint of fabric. This type of window treatment should be properly measured and hemmed to ensure a perfect fit. The right length will also increase the room’s overall height. In addition, the drapes must complement the room’s style. A short Dubai curtain can be too heavy, while a long one will appear unbalanced.

The length of the curtain is an important consideration. If the window is a narrow one, choose curtains that graze the floor. This will make the window look taller and wider. Likewise, if the window is long and narrow, choose curtains that lightly brush the floor. Taking care to hem these curtains will create an attractive effect in the room. A longer curtain will reduce noise.

Long window curtains are more functional

The length of the curtain should be determined by the length of the window and the desired look. The longer the curtain, the more functional it is, and the more effective it will be in reducing the noise level. A curtain’s length will also depend on the type of track used to hang it. A track should be installed in the ceiling to provide a smoother and streamlined look.

A good length is a key factor in choosing a window curtain. Typically, the length of a curtain should be approximately eight inches longer than the window, so that the curtains can be fully closed in any case. The length of the curtain will also depend on the type of track used to hang it. If it is hanging on a track, then the curtain should be hemmed accordingly.

The window curtains should be twice the length of the window

If the ceiling is low, the curtains should be long enough to accommodate the width and the height of the windows. Generally, the curtain should be about a foot taller than the window. In the event that the window curtain is too short, the length should be doubled. But if the height is high, the curtains should be hung directly to the ceiling.

The length of the window curtain is also very important. It can blend in with the decor or stand out and make the room look too dark. The length should be eight to twelve inches longer than the window width. It should also be hung at a higher height than the window itself. It is also best to use curtains that match the room’s theme. A good choice of curtain will enhance the rooms.

A long window curtain will cover more vertical space than a short one

The length of the window curtain is important. The shorter the length, the better. You can opt for a longer or shorter one to make the room look more spacious. If you have children, choose a hemmed version of the curtains. If you have a narrow window, consider a layered curtain.


The length of the window curtain should be determined by the size of the room. It should also be matched to the desired look of the room. For instance, if you want the curtains to be longer than the windows, opt for a longer one. It will keep the room quiet and reduce the noise of the windows in the area. The length of the window curtain will depend on the type of track you use. If it is on a track, measure its width and height.


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