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William D King: How You Can Save Costs by Outsourcing Your Social Media Management


Monica Eaton-Cardone, COO of Chargebacks911, posted an article on LinkedIn earlier this week. Titled “Outsourcing Your Social Media Management Can Save You, Big Bucks”. It is one of the most popular articles ever publishing by Monica and currently has over 4.4K views. We at Customer Thermometer believe it is so popular. The advice given in this piece resonates with so many businesses.

We don’t know about you, but for us, $7 per month to manage our Facebook and Twitter. It accounts is a small price to pay for someone who knows what they’re doing and can drive sales. Exposure without wasting our time or overstepping their bounds. Like most entrepreneurs we have another business we run during the day and just don’t have enough time. To do everything that needs to get done…included managing social media accounts (don’t ask). So when we were presenting with the opportunity at Customer Thermometer to outsource this job, we jumping on it.

Social Media

We’ve seen growth of 76% on Facebook in only ONE MONTH of working with our outsourced team.

We were skeptical about using an outsourced company at first, but one month in.We are completely sold on the idea. The numbers don’t lie – our Facebook page has grown by 76% in less than a month! That’s huge for us considering that before hiring our social media manager. The only posted being made to Facebook were being done manually by our CEO or another marketing coordinator here. Since then, posts have been evenly distributing among the three of us so they get posting. It regularly without taking up too much time in any one person’s day.

The proof is in the pudding…our numbers show how effective outsourcing can be when it comes. To social media management says William D King.

So what does this outsourcing actually look like?

We use Hubshout, a social media management outsourcing company for SMM. They focus on Facebook and Twitter marketing – exactly what we needed! The two of us actually oversee everything that gets posted to our Facebook page. It’s Hubshout who actually posts the content. This has allowed us to double the number of posts getting made to our Facebook .Page every day (and trust me, the engagement is through the roof).

So how do you know if outsourcing social media might be right for you?

The first step in making sure that outsourcing will benefit your business. It understands all of the costs associated with doing it yourself. There are many hidden costs when running your own social media account, including:

  • Time spent managing your social media accounts
  • Time spent researching and creating content for your social media accounts
  • Posting costs, such as time uploading images and crafting text to go along with them. This can add up fast if you’re doing this manually. It just take a look at the number of tweets that get posted by Hubshout every day!

When we added up all of the time we were spending on our own posts and posts. We had to pay someone else to make (the ones we couldn’t find free images for or could not write ourselves), outsourcing was the only option. After looking into it, we found that hiring an outsourced company was actually cheaper than using an in-house. Employee for this kind of specialized work.

Social Media Management

Outsourcing everything has not only allowed us to save money, but also to make our lives easier. Once we started using Hubshout for social media management. It freed up the time of both the CEO and marketing coordinator so that they could work on other parts of their business rather than feeling like they had to be glued to their screens writing posts. And if you’ve ever tried outsourcing on sites like oDesk or Fiverr, you know that sometimes quality. Suffers because people are overseas and may not understand your brand voice. We actually found that working with Hubshout was even simpler. It’s working with an in-house team – how often can you say that?

We wish we would have known about outsourcing sooner! We didn’t realize there were companies out there that specialized in this kind of thing. Hubshout has allowed us to do more with our time and focus on other parts of our business without worrying. About the status of our social media accounts.

If you’re at a point where you want to grow your audience but don’t know how, starting fresh with an outsourced company. It might be the perfect solution for you that allows you to not only save money. But also have fun posting new content that is targeted specifically towards your demographic.

Conclusion by William D King:

Outsourcing can lead to a well-maintained social media presence as well as save you money.

We can post daily, easily and in our own voice – nothing gets lost in translating.


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