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Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Replica Xbox One Controller


The desire to save on an expensive gamepad by buying its cheap counterpart visits many. It would seem that he bought a replica of the popular joystick and enjoy the games. But the pitfalls that you will meet on the way will make you change your mind more than once.

Saving doesn’t have to be economical
Rushing from one extreme to another and running after top gaming devices like the Xbox ONE Elite Controller Series 2 is also not necessary. It’s just that any purchase must be approached wisely, having studied the reviews, reading the forums, and analyzing the information. And weighing on one scale the cost of the goods, on the other – its quality.

Gamepad Microsoft Xbox ONE – Elite Controller Series 2 black 14 899 *
If a no-name gamepad (or any other gaming gadget) has similar characteristics to a branded device, costs half as much and has only positive reviews, then the choice is obvious. Why pay more just for the brand.

However, in many cases it is still better to refuse to buy a cheap replica and invest in a quality item. Time and received positive emotions will pay for your expenses a hundredfold.

So, let’s figure out why you shouldn’t chase cheapness, saving on buying an Xbox One joystick .

Stripped down functionality
This is the main stumbling block that consumes gamer’s nerves at the speed of a minigun. Rejoicing at a “profitable” investment, discovering that the lion’s share of games simply does not support a cheap replica is not the most pleasant discovery. The joystick somehow recognizes some games, in others it will not respond to any of your body movements, and in others it will only respond to pressing individual buttons. What will make the gameplay unplayable, and the delight of the purchase will turn into disappointment.

Dancing with a tambourine
Branded joystick when used with a PC works, as they say, out of the box. We connect it via Bluetooth or a USB cable, wait for the device to be automatically recognized, launch RE3 Remake and bend this handsome man.

Игра Resident Evil 3 (Xbox ONE)
1 999 *
Well, or once again we jump with Ori on the platforms and solve puzzles. And no circling with a censer around the computer. The beauty!

What does it look like if you have a replica? The computer most often recognizes it as a keyboard. After starting the game, you will realize that the default device will not work. What do we have to do? Download the appropriate emulator (for example, X360CE) and overcome the tantalum torments before you can adequately configure the joystick for each specific game.

It is relatively easy to bind buttons in games with simple controls such as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The game mainly uses sticks and triggers, it plays quite tolerably on the cue. Except for the fingers constantly slipping off the triggers. The quality of which in almost any replica is far from ideal.

But if you decide to play Ori and the Will of the Wisps , things can get completely out of hand. The method of scientific poke and sorting through all the settings available in the emulator may not bring results.

Игра Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Xbox ONE)
1 499 *
From personal experience: Ori performs any commands, but refuses to jump. You yourself understand what a platformer means with the main character, whose “legs failed”.

Execution quality
Plastic plastic strife. Don’t believe? Then play the same title on any branded gamepad, and then on its analogue. How is it in your hands? Are your fingers slipping? Do you get numb from having to squeeze the triggers until you’re blue in the face? A couple of hours of active play, and you yourself will feel the nuances. The quality of the plastic, the ergonomics of the joystick, the smooth and responsive movement of the sticks and triggers – all this directly affects the gaming experience.

The choice of a true aesthete with an unlimited budget

And, of course, vibration motors. Tactile feedback when shooting and other actions allows you to feel the gameplay more fully and brighter. In replicas, vibration feedback is not always met.

And all these little things add up to a comfortable gameplay.

Additional body kits
Another plus of branded devices is the possibility of tuning them. And, as a result, the presence of a large assortment of these “body kits”. Starting from harmless embellishments in the form of films (although this can also be pasted on a replica) and ending with external batteries, microphones and mini-keyboards. What is only such a mini-steering wheel specifically for racing.

All this makes life easier for the gamer. And it also works by default: without reading prayers and mentioning someone’s mother.

Replicas cannot boast such a variety of suitable working accessories. Unless you attach a sticker, and put a new overlay on the stick.

Gamers’ opinions
In order not to be unfounded, here is what gamers themselves say about gamepad replicas.

A lot of forums were rummaged, but it was not possible to find a reasoned opinion that Chinese replicas are the best choice.

If you want to get a full-fledged gaming experience, in games tailored for a gamepad, don’t skimp. Spend once and you will not know the problems with customization and shamanism around a cheap gamepad. The latter are suitable only for games on a smartphone. This option is quite acceptable.

And if you are an ardent supporter of asceticism and economy (and situations in life are different), then do not buy a noun. Get a cheap analogue of a branded gamepad, which must necessarily support XInput technology (so that there are no problems with compatibility with PC games) and have more detailed reviews that describe the real pros and cons of the latter.—high-quality-and-low-price-100-guaranteed—pass-exam-better-employment-opportunities—high-quality-and-low-price-garanted


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