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Which Spectrum TV Deal Is the Best for You


Spectrum has established itself as one of the best providers in the United States. Although all of the provider’s services are top-notch, it’s the cable TV deal that people get excited about the most. After all, this service takes care of their subscriber’s entertainment needs. Plus, the company offers a ton of features with this service which makes opting for cable TV worth it.

If you are going to subscribe to Spectrum TV, you should know that the provider offers great flexibility and a range of choices. And when it comes to payment of dues, the Spectrum bill pay number comes in handy in case you upgrade a plan and need a breakdown of the cost. There’s more so keep reading!

Why Opting for Spectrum TV Is a Good Idea

Even though there are many providers that offer cable TV services, Spectrum TV is in a league of its own. This service is quite different from the others. For instance, there are not many providers that offer an app to watch live TV on their smartphones. Spectrum does that! They have a dedicated application that the subscribers can download to enjoy television on the go. This means that sports fanatics can tune into channels like ESPN to catch up on all of the action wherever they are. Similarly, people can launch the app to view their favorite series. Also, you can mirror this app on other devices as well such as Xbox, Apple TV, and tablets.

Apart from the app, you will be excited to know that there are no contracts. Yes, you read that right! The provider will not be binding its subscribers to any contracts, allowing them to discontinue the service at any time they want. Furthermore, the provider’s excellent customer service will amaze you. They have a team of talented reps who will listen to your queries and will respond to them immediately. The provider will even send a technician over to your place if you have a serious TV service issue.

Opting for the provider’s TV service means that you will also be getting its DVR service. And this is a pretty useful feature. Why? Well, simply because with the DVR, you will be able to record over 300 hours of content. With this feature, you can rewatch all of your favorite shows or major sporting events.

Spectrum TV Deals

By now, you might probably be thinking that opting for Spectrum TV is not a bad option. And if that’s the case, then let’s have a look at the different deals the provider is offering. As stated earlier, the company offers a range of choices; it’s time to discuss those. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at the three different TV deals that the provider is currently offering.

1. Spectrum TV Select

This is the most basic cable TV package that the company offers. If you select this deal, you will get over 125 channels. Yes, they will all be in HD! Apart from that, you will get on-demand shows and movies. This deal will cost you $44.99/month. Please remember that the price is subject to change.

2. Spectrum TV Silver

This is the second TV deal of the provider. Opting for this package means that you will be getting access to over 175 HD channels. You will get some premium channels like HBO Max, and Showtime. Plus, you can expect to receive thousands of on-demand titles. This deal will cost you $74.99/month. However, note that the price can change in the future.

3. Spectrum TV Gold

This is the provider’s final cable TV deal. This package is ideal for those who love to watch television for long hours. And the reason is that it contains plenty of entertainment and sporting channels (over 200). You will also get a lot of premium channels, including TMC, STARZ ENCORE, and HBO. You will also get NFL Network! If you are interested in this deal, you can subscribe to it by paying $94.99/month. Of course, just like Select and Silver, this price is tentative and might change.

Which Is the Best Cable TV Deal for You?

Now that you know all about the provider’s deals, which is the best one for you? Well, if you don’t watch television much and are good with getting the basic channels, then Spectrum Select deal is the ideal choice for you. However, if you want to access some premium channels and want on-demand content, then going for the Spectrum Silver plan will be wise. Spectrum Gold is best for those who can’t imagine living without watching television. Also, if you are a true sports fan, it is advised to get this package as you will be getting plenty of premium sports channels.


Charter Spectrum is a highly reputable provider that is trusted by millions of Americans across the country. Their cable TV service is second to none. Hence, there is no wonder why so many people want to opt for this service. If you too want to subscribe to this service, you can choose which deal you want the most. And after that, reach out to them, and they will install the service at your location.


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