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When Is It Not A Good Idea To Double Down In Blackjack


We always stress the importance of knowing when to double down in Blackjack at an online casino in canada, but knowing when not to double down is equally crucial. There are three instances in which you should not consider placing this wager:

The Dealer Is Holding An Ace (Situation 1)

Yes, it may sound apparent, but if you’re a rookie, it’s all about learning the ropes. If the dealer is dealt an ace, he or she has a decent chance of scoring 21.

A double down bet, as you’ve probably figured out, is a vote of confidence in your wager; if the dealer has an ace, there’s a good probability you’re about to lose.

Even if the dealer doesn’t get to 21, the chances are good that they’ll get close and win the bet. If you choose to double down, you are likely to have lost twice as much as your original wager.

Your Hand Is Bigger Than 11 (Situation 2)

If you hold a hand greater than an 11 (save a soft 16, 17, or 18), you should avoid using the double down bet. You’re better off Hitting or Standing in this situation and hoping the dealer goes bankrupt.

Don’t go all-in if you don’t have faith in your hand. Keep your original wager and go with the safe bet.

When You’re At 21 (Situation 3)

When you hold a hand of 21, you cannot double down, contrary to popular perception. Imagine being able to do so! When a gambler is dealt 21, he or she will almost certainly double down, putting the casino out of business!

Depending on the Blackjack type, there’s a good probability the dealer may instantly pay your winnings and the game round will stop if you get a flawless hand of 21.

Double Down Rules in Blackjack

It’s vital to remember that you can only double down once during the game, just after you’ve been given your first two cards. Most casinos will not let you to double down if you hit because it offers you a significant advantage over the house. If you Split, the same rules apply.

You must double your stake once you have decided to double down. The rule states that you are allowed one more card after that, and you must Stand after receiving it, regardless of its value.

Players frequently make the mistake of believing they can be dealt more cards following a double down wager, thus this is a vital rule to remember. You must next wait to see what the dealer has been dealt once you have been dealt your card. When deciding whether or not to double down, keep these two rules in mind. Then you should think about the scenarios we mentioned earlier.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed double-down bet; it is, after all, a game of chance. Without a question, the greatest time to double down is when you have an 11-valued hand, but there is no rule of thumb. Every player is unique, and as you play more hands, you’ll begin to understand your own approach.

Be astute. Only bet on a double-down Blackjack when you’re in the lead; this is the only way to make money. Some players may use the double-down bet on numerous of their hands, and they will lose a lot of money as a result.

Yes, it’s enthralling. You can, in fact, quadruple your winnings. However, if you use it at the wrong time, you’ll lose a lot more money than you make! Players often question how to win in a blackjack online game, and while there is no clear answer, using the double down bet can help you improve your odds, so use it wisely.


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