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What to See for in a Jogging Stroller


Running using a stroller with a jogging feature is a great way to get in some exercise while looking after your child.

Naturally, you’ll must ensure that your child is secure and relaxed on long trips and are able to run smoothly also. Below, we will show the things to look at when choosing a stroller for jogging. And, if you’re already a CR member you can check out reviews and ratings on four amazing strollers in our tests, which you can run with.

If you would like strollers that you can run in you have two choices for you: a true stroller for jogging or a classic stroller that is designed to double as a walking stroller. Both have three wheels; however, the jogging strollers are designed with front wheels that lock in a straight line.

A stroller that is traditional and jogging is more flexible. It’s possible to set your front wheels in a swiveling position to use it for daily use, or keep it locked straight to jog. You can expect to spend anywhere from $90-$650 for these strollers, and greater for double strollers. Pure jogging strollers are priced around $500, and can be used when your child is growing. They can be used until children weigh 75 pounds, compared to 50-55 pounds for strollers that are traditional.

Some strollers designed for jogging come with the same security and safety features. Find out what you’re looking for in. To determine how well the four strollers that are traditional/jogging perform during our tests, read our stroller rating. (Consumer Reports only tests conventional strollers, not those specifically designed for running.)

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Tips for Choosing a Jogging Stroller

Consider the weight. A 25-pound stroller or an infant weighing 25 pounds could be more work than you anticipated. Be sure to determine how much your stroller weighs before purchasing it. Pure jogging strollers generally weigh between 24 and 43 pounds. It is also important to be aware of the maximum weight that the stroller can support so you know how long you’ll use it until your child is no longer able to use it.

Examine the harness. The strollers that are included that we have reviewed come with five-point harnesses, which is the one we recommend. They come with a crotch strap connected to a buckle with two waist straps, and two shoulder straps can be inserted through the buckle. 

Hold the handles. It should be comfortable and you are able to alter the height to suit for you. There is a wrist strap which stops the stroller from getting off of you. If you’re able to take the stroller out for a ride to make certain your feet don’t hit the rear axle while moving. 

Check your brakes. Good brakes are important, so take a test ride on the stroller available in the shop to see whether they are effective and are user-friendly. Parking brakes are standard. Some strollers have a manually operated, while on others it’s an foot brake. Hand-operated brakes offer greater control when you run.

Be prepared for conditions. When you’re out for a walk the stroller’s canopy will protect your baby from the sun and light drizzle but provide enough airflow to ensure she’s comfortable but not too hot. Certain canopy designs have the ability to be adjusted to different places to provide better protection and also have a peek-aboo window that lets you monitor your child. 


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