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What to do with a child on vacation?


Your child has already shouted this sincerely joyful: “Hurrah! Holidays!”? If not yet, then it will soon, and you should be ready and know what to do with it for several months. It is important that time passes not only interesting, but also useful. In this collection of ideas from active games on the street, entertaining pastime at home, to new creative hobbies that can be implemented over the summer.

Outdoor games: what to bring
When it’s warm and sunny, no one stays at home. You can organize fun races for children in the yard, a football or table tennis tournament. Remind them of games from your childhood like lapta, square, rubber bands and others.

Going out into the yard, the children take something with them. As a rule, these are sand sets, sports equipment, bicycles. But more and more often portable vehicles are found in courtyards , “unidentified” flying machines – quadrocopters , and radio-controlled monster trucks drive along park paths. This is what today’s children will enjoy playing with.

Gyroscooters or wonders of balance
Two wheels and two movable foot pads, a battery and many gyro sensors so that the child can balance himself. Eco-friendly and it looks stylish, there is a huge selection of colors. Many of the models of hoverboards have the functions of lighting and musical accompaniment while riding. Light weight (up to 10 kg) and ease of control, due to the inclination of the body, allow you to master it in 15–20 minutes.

Compact and unpretentious. It is easy to transport in the trunk. It does not occupy half a balcony. It does not require any special care, only charging, which takes only a couple of hours.
Safe. The gyro scooter develops a speed of no more than 10-15 km / h, in case of force majeure, you can simply jump off it without damaging yourself. When riding on it, the hands remain free.
Muscle training. While riding, there is a load on the muscles of the back and legs, which allows you to keep them in good shape.
The cost of gyroscooters varies between 8,000–15,000 rubles. Most models can withstand weight up to 100-120 kg. They differ mainly in three parameters:

Battery capacity from 2000 mAh and above. It depends on it how much the scooter can travel without recharging.
Wheel diameter from 6.5 to 10. The larger the wheel, the better the permeability. Hoverboards with small wheels are only suitable for driving on flat roads. Larger wheels make it possible to move over small obstacles and drive through bumps.
Style. Color, additional decorations, LEDs, music.
Electric scooter: ride with the breeze
Teenagers really like this type of transport. Outwardly, it looks like a classic scooter, but the internal engine allows you to push off on it once to reach speeds of up to 25 km / h. The guys love to ride in groups. This type of transport allows you to go close to a river or lake and swim. In such cases, go far on foot, you have to wait for transport and pay for the fare, and here a great alternative is an electric scooter .

optimal transport for the summer at distances up to 20 km
no need to have a driver’s license, you can drive in pedestrian areas (with caution!)
some models can be used by the whole family
A children’s electric scooter with the following parameters: 5.5 wheel diameter, up to 7–10 km, up to 55 kg can be bought for 9,000–13,000 rubles. More serious models with characteristics: 8–10 wheel diameter, up to 40 km, up to 120 kg are easy to purchase from 15,000 rubles and more.

Radio-controlled technology: a child as a pilot
Fascinating and all-time favorite radio-controlled toys help develop spatial thinking, coordination of movements, reaction speed .

A few decades ago, we could only rejoice at cars that rolled around the house. Now on the radio control there is any type of transport. You can go to the river and launch a radio-controlled boat with your child. Engage in piloting an airplane or helicopter in an open area. Children’s delight and enthusiasm for a long time are provided. You yourself will wait for the child to play enough to manage it yourself, this is such an exciting process.

RC toy helicopter Gyro 109
RC boat toy WLToys WL915
RC buggy car WLToys 12428-C
Entertainment is quite affordable – radio- controlled vehicles can be selected in the range of 800 rubles. Among the radio-controlled cars , too, there are many interesting things.

Special equipment. You can drive an excavator, bulldozer or truck. They will not only drive, but also perform their direct functions. The excavator bucket moves in all directions, that is, it really digs.
Tricksters-shifters. Super-cars that can roll over, crashing into obstacles. Then they will go further, jump off the curbs, spin on wheels and much more. The child will be able to arrange a whole auto show.
Racing cars. It’s not just a name. These toys accelerate to 50 km/h like real cars. There are entire highways where races with prizes and fans are held. It takes real skill to manage them.

Despite the fact that these toys captivate children, adults still need to be there to teach, tell, helping the child get the most out of the game process.

Quadcopter: aerobatics
For children who have already learned how to cope with radio-controlled toys, we can offer the next step in piloting – drone or quadcopter control .

Quadcopter PILOTAGE Falcon X green, black
Quadcopter DJI Mavic 2 Pro gray
Quadcopter Syma X20-S white
1 750 *
Quadcopter JXD 507W Pioneer Knight 2MP black
Children’s quadrocopters are not large in size and weight, with simplified controls, with additional protective equipment, as well as an acceptable cost from 1,750 rubles. The first flights must be carried out under the supervision of adults, since for other people a drone that unexpectedly flew into them can be traumatic.

When choosing a quadcopter for a child, it is important to consider several parameters.

Lightweight, safe, shock-resistant material. Since the first flights will inevitably lead to collisions, the right material will protect people and furniture.
Small and familiar control panel. It is important that it fits easily in small children’s hands, so that the child himself reaches all the buttons with his fingers. Remotes similar to consoles for children’s consoles are well suited.
Camera. It will give meaning to flights. You can come up with an infinite number of tasks for the child to shoot specific objects. Without it, the drone will become just a radio-controlled toy.
Minimum frills. All additional options increase the weight of the quadcopter and increase its price by several times. It is unlikely that a student will use such options, so consider whether they are necessary.
A quadcopter is a good way to introduce a child to technical innovations, talk about robotics, how such devices help people in research (studying hard-to-reach areas and objects), art (film shooting).

We play at home: the development of intelligence
During the holidays, there is a gap between peak brain activity during study and complete “doing nothing” in the summer. So that the brain does not wean from intellectual stress, do not forget to strain your child’s thinking with simple and useful games.

Board games for the whole family
Board games have a very strong influence on the development of thinking, imagination, attention and memory. In addition, they teach social interaction, the ability to lose and rejoice in victories. In the game, the child does not feel the oppression of the teacher, and what is perceived as a duty in the classroom, here is a very exciting process. Although games also have to count, read, think, memorize, invent, but this is done easily and fun.

Top 15 most popular family games for kids development:

Games for attention and reaction: “Dobble”, “Lamb”, ” Svintus “
Games for imagination and artistry: Dixit, Thinker , Crocodile
Game of thinking and logic: “Cortex”, ” Monopoly “, ” Carcassonne “
Games for dexterity and a sense of balance: ” Tower “, ” Twister “, ” Chubriks “
Interaction games: ” Mafia “, ” Immaginarium “, “Activity”
The success of the game depends on the host, preferably an adult. The presence of a person who watches all the rules allows you to avoid quarrels and save only the most pleasant emotions from the game.

Constructors: figurative thinking and fine motor skills
An important point in the development of the child is the development of his fine motor skills. During the holidays, children run a lot, play in the street and pay little attention to what they can do with their own hands. To do this, it is necessary to periodically offer the child to assemble the constructor . This is one of the best educational toys ever. The imagination is involved, because before you collect something, you need to imagine it, you need to strain your thinking in order to figure out what and how to fix it. In the end, working with small details with your hands helps to speed up the work of the brain and the formation of new neural connections.

Designer Ocie Solar Dinosaur 699 *
Constructor Connoisseur 180 schemes
2 399 *
Construction set ND Play Wind energy 6 in 1
899 *
Designer Engino INVENTOR Cars
1 099 *
Now there are many new and varied designers. Children assemble complete solar-powered robots, controllable models of aircraft and tanks, solar system, space station and others.

Video Games: Second Reality
Children love to play games. But the games are different, sometimes very cruel or downright stupid. In order not to harm the child, parents must control this process. You can not interfere – lead!

Pay attention to games that would help your child’s development. For example, you can organize a home championship for some logic game or races. But with the condition that after that you can go to active games not at the screen.

A new kind of creativity for the summer

The vacation period is a good time to do what you didn’t have time for during the school year. Maybe your child has musical inclinations or is fond of photography, constantly filming something on the phone. Observe your child and offer him a new creative, systematic activity for the summer.

Musician: life as if by notes
The development of musical ear, the formation of inner harmony, the development of mathematical thinking, the activity of the fingers are facilitated by piano lessons. In modern realities, not everyone can find a place for a bulky piano in their apartments, so synthesizers and digital pianos are an excellent alternative .

Digital pianos are compact, and the sound quality is quite decent, since the sounds are synthesized from the original expensive grand pianos. You can buy it from 18,000 rubles. There are a lot of tutorials on the Internet, but you can also hire a teacher for the summer. In a few months, the child may well learn the basics of musical notation and begin to play 3-5 full-fledged compositions.

Profession – photojournalist
Many children love to blog, it is now fashionable. The guys take photos and videos, write posts, trying to gather their audience of fans. In the future, this is one of the options for a profession, and why shouldn’t a child take a step towards learning professional photography or video editing. The main thing is to have a compact camera and a good imagination.

Compact camera Canon Digital IXUS 190 blue
Over the summer, the child can learn theory on the Internet or with the help of adults. Then start building your portfolio by taking photos of various objects. He can maintain his pages on popular resources and even earn his first money on photo stocks. The main thing is that parents help such a hobby by giving interesting tasks, ideas for filming and, of course, praise.

Vocals on vacation: the child gave a voice
Some children are very fond of singing, you can take the first step towards a professional occupation in this type of creativity. A good option would be a karaoke player and a microphone . The child will learn to sing clearly in rhythm, learn new lyrics, develop an ear for music, and will receive his first grades (points) for his vocals.

If everything goes well, then by September it will be possible to give to a music school.

Books that are always with you
During the holidays, literature is asked to read a lot, but carrying a heavy, voluminous paper version with you everywhere is not always convenient. There is an alternative option – e-book , into which you can immediately download everything that is given, and what the child likes to read as extracurricular literature.

Choose the options that suit you and enjoy your holidays. Warm summer and great mood!


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