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What to do in quarantine: from board games to eSports


It was a day of sitting at home, I was already tired of self-development, interesting books were read, challenges on the Internet were completed. It’s time to play some games with a clear conscience. This collection contains a variety of games – from desktop to computer multiplayer. We choose entertainment for singles, for leisure with children and just for fun companies.

Board games
Board games are a great option for those who do not particularly like computer games or do not have a gaming PC and interesting games at home. But board games involve several players, so they are suitable for those who do not live alone. Well, or you can arrange a video conference on desktops with friends who are not nearby.

If you’re new to board games and you want something simpler and more fun, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning the rules and mechanics, give Alias ​​a try. This game is somewhat similar to the famous “crocodile”, only here the hidden words should not be depicted in pantomime, but described in other words.

The players are divided into two teams and take turns guessing what the player from the “enemy” team is trying to describe. The rules are simple, and most importantly – your resourcefulness! Besides the fact that Alias ​​is just a very fun and humorous game, it also trains the vocabulary and imagination of all players. It fits perfectly both in adult companies and in leisure time with children.

Board game “ALIAS: Party” 1 699 *
If you decide to enter the world of board games with the most serious intentions, then there is nothing to trifle with – it’s time to master Dungeons & Dragons . This is no longer just a board game, but a whole independent universe that has gathered millions of fans around the world. She has a dozen full-fledged huge game worlds, characters, hundreds of stories. Avid fans of D&D organize competitions, organize team clubs, modding and collecting character figurines. Films, art books and even computer games are created based on this game.

Board game “Dungeons & Dragons” (starter set) 2 499 *
D&D is not just about rearranging tiles and doing standard tasks on cards. This is a full-fledged role-playing game, where there is a host with a script and players who play their characters. The role-playing system in D&D is huge, and reading the setting and familiarity with the rules will take more than a dozen minutes. But at the end you will get much more than the classic board game, which sooner or later gets bored. You can join a huge fantasy world that is constantly evolving, meet and communicate with people and just immerse yourself in a fabulous atmosphere.

If you want something more difficult than Alias, but simpler than D&D, take a look at our selection of ” TOP 5 board games “. It contains the most interesting games according to our customers.

Active games
In addition to board games, you can also spend time playing active games: a minimum of rules, more fun! For example, you can arrange a jenga game night. This seemingly elementary game with a fifty-year history has become one of the most beloved entertainments in Western countries.

The rules are outrageously simple: a lot of wooden blocks are built into a high turret. Your task is to pull out one element so that the tower does not collapse. Jenga may seem boring at first, but it quickly stirs up the excitement of rivalry as the tower tends to fall apart, leaving you or your opponents on the losing side. This game perfectly trains the sense of balance, accuracy and precision of movements. Theoretically, Jenga is suitable even for playing alone and definitely suitable for playing with children.

Board game “Jenga”
After meditating on jenga, you can move on to more active games. The famous twister will test your body for flexibility and balance. On a special game disc, you get the color of the playing field and that part of the body (right / left arm or leg), which you must place in the dropped out color field. Twister is unthinkable somersaults and inevitable falls on each other. And it’s also a good home workout, when you have to turn from one unthinkable pose to another on the playing mat, so much so as not to collapse along with your opponent and not lose. Twister is suitable for playing with friends, with your soulmate and, of course, rhymes perfectly with children’s entertainment.

Board game “Twister”
Computer games
We often write a wide variety of game selections . So if you are an avid gamer on a computer or console, then you will surely be able to find a new game that has not yet been completed among our articles. Retro strategy games, ultra-powerful modern masterpieces, sleek platformers, world award winning games, short and long, funny and sad – for every taste.

But if you decide to play the game with your family, then, of course, multiplayers will come to the rescue. For example, you can arrange a fierce fighting game on a PC or console in the legendary, updated Mortal Kombat . Choose a character, a fighting style and get ready for brutal fights with all the ensuing consequences.

Игра Mortal Kombat 11 (PS4)

[18+, fighting game, release date: 04/23/2019, voice language: English, standard edition]
2 350 *
169 2
In stores: in 48 stores

Игра Mortal Kombat X (PS4)

[18+, fighting game, release date: 04/14/2015, voice language: English, standard edition]
1 350 *
74 1
In stores: in 186 stores
Or you can let off steam by connecting to GTA multiplayer . Here you have virtual walks, which are so lacking now, and hard adrenaline and communication in the game abound. True, the methods of communication are sometimes peculiar, but that is what the game is famous for. You can play on a computer or consoles – PS4 and Xbox.

Race cars, drift wildly and experience a real racing drive while sitting at home – this is all about Forza Horizon 3. This is the latest installment of the legendary Forza series with an open and beautifully rendered world of Australia and a cooperative setting.

If you prefer fantasy environments, take the risk of testing yourself and your comrades in Doom , a killer shooter with the destruction of a variety of creepy demons. Get away from technology and historical overtones – Call of Duty . The scenery of World War II or the fight against militants in the latest part of Modern Warfare – choose what you like best. An exciting shooter, a powerful multiplayer system, 10 online game modes and one of the most thoughtful series in its subject.

Well, and one of the most legendary multiplayer is Overwatch . Charming, breathtakingly stylish first-person shooter, where the entire gameplay is built on teamwork. Original, original characters, with a dozen game modes, excellent optimization – Overwatch is so good that international competitions among e-sportsmen are held on it.

Игра Overwatch: Legendary Edition (PS4)

[12+, shooter, release date: 05/22/2018, full Russian translation, Blu-ray BOX]
6 2
For those who play alone
Many games with multiplayer mode involve playing online with real players from all over the world. So, if you are sitting at home alone, but want to play not with artificial intelligence, but with real people, feel free to connect to the network mode. And if you want maximum interaction and communication with the players, then welcome to the world of online games. Military disciplines in the famous “tanks” of World of Tanks or dynamic Warframe, post-apocalypse in Crossout, magical but fierce fantasy in the legendary World of Warcraft or Neverwinter, which, by the way, is based on the Dungeons & Dragons universe. There are plenty to choose from.

Online games are a constantly updated, living world, maximum immersion in the game, communication with players and entire virtual universes.




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