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What Makes Pillow Boxes Perfect for Hair Extensions?


Hair extensions are artificial hairs that are clipped onto the original hairs to add volume and length. These are different from wigs that cover the entire head, while the extensions are added in certain sections. The hair extension can be clipped, glued, and chipped to the original hairs. The extension gives the illusion of original hairs and makes the natural hair appear longer and fuller. So the extensions have become increasingly popular due to their natural appearance. Also, these extensions are not limited in color. Therefore, you can buy a range of hair extensions varying in material, size, and color. The hair extensions are packaged in a variety of boxes like folding boxes, window boxes, sliding boxes, etc. However, recently the use of pillow boxes for hair extensions is becoming popular. Many sellers are opting for this packaging for hair extensions.

Benefits of Pillow Boxes for Hair Extension:

The pillow boxes are preferred for hair extension due to numerous benefits. The pillow boxes hold a signature shape that makes any product appear sophisticated. Also, for delicate products like hair extensions, this packaging is both durable and suitable. So it is safe to say that pillow boxes are becoming the choice of many hair extension producers. Here are the advantages of using pillow boxes for hair extensions:

Benefits of Pillow Boxes

Sophisticated Appearance:

The pillow boxes have an elegant appearance that appeals to more crowds. These pleasing boxes add a unique touch to your packaging. Therefore, among the specialized packaging solutions, pillow boxes are perfect for a distinctive touch. The pillow packaging will make the hair extension stand out among others. Also, pillow boxes will make the product appear valuable and authentic. Thus, these boxes add to the worth of the product.

Versatile Designing:

The pillow boxes can be designed in a variety of ways, especially through printing. For this, emboss the name of the brand and product. The packaging can be made in a variety of colors through printing as well. All the boxes should be in the color of the extension. For example, the bright color extension will have a bright print. This will assist in convenient shopping, as customers can determine color with a single glace. Also, with die-cutting, the window cuts will provide a sneak peek of the product. The sight of the original product ensures the authenticity of the product.

Unique design pillow boxes

Different Material Options:

Many different materials can be used to make pillow boxes. Also, all the material options for pillow boxes are eco-friendly. For example, the common choice for material is Kraft and Bux board. With numerous options, the sellers can determine the material they require. Moreover, all the packaging materials are cost-effective and of good quality. Thus, different kinds and designs of pillow boxes can be made from a variety of options.

Perfect for Marketing:

The pillow boxes always stand apart from others. These boxes will draw the attention of the people shopping in the market. Anything distinctive always draws the attention of people. Pillow boxes can attract people. As more and more people become interested in the product, the chances of sales will increase. Even if people do not purchase the product, the simple attraction will increase its awareness. Thus, the pillow boxes are an effective marketing tool.

Durable and Protective:

The Kraft and corrugated material are used to produce the pillow boxes. These materials are known for their high strength and durability. Thus, for delicate hair extension, the pillow boxes are perfect for secure packaging, as these will protect the product for a longer duration.


Therefore, pillow packaging is the perfect packaging solution for hair extension. These boxes protect, present, and market products effectively in the market.

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