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What is the difference between an expensive irrigator and a cheap one?


Why do some irrigators cost several times more than others? Will they be just as effective, or is it just an overpayment for the brand and marketing bait? Let’s try to figure it out.

It’s no secret that two copies of the same device, produced by the same factory, but under different brands, can differ markedly in price. So is it worth paying for the “name”, or can you buy a model similar in appearance from a little-known manufacturer for half the price – are they made at the same factory anyway?

In the case of many simple household appliances, this approach is justified – and the nameless “Chinese” faithfully serve for decades along with eminent “colleagues”. But there are special requirements for irrigators: although the design of the irrigator is not very complicated, its parts work in extreme conditions. A high pressure is created in the irrigator compressor (up to 1 MPa), and the working fluid is water, the ingress of which on the electronics quickly leads to the failure of the device. In such conditions, the key to long-term operation of equipment is a high production culture and the use of high-quality materials.

Little-known manufacturers cannot boast of either one or the other, therefore, the most common reason for the breakdown of their irrigators is the ingress of water into the body.

One of the indirect signs of the above is a guarantee for the device – manufacturers who have been successfully producing irrigators for a long time give a two-year warranty on their equipment , and not one, like the rest.

Irrigator B.Well WI-911

For effective cleaning, the maximum pressure of the irrigator should be at least 600 kPa, and better – more: 700-900. But, the greater the pressure, the more powerful the engine and the greater the load on the irrigator compressor, nozzle, hose connections and nozzles. This requires the use of durable quality materials and their precise processing, which significantly increases the price of the device. Therefore, the overpayment for more pressure is fully justified.

Even if you bought an irrigator only for yourself and are going to use it alone, the basic set of nozzles may not be enough.

For cleaning braces and other orthodontic structures, conventional nozzles are ineffective – they do not wash out food debris from under the braces. In this case, nozzles with a thin brush or with a special nozzle attachment are used, which create a powerful thin jet.

Replacement nozzle Waterpik OD-100E

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Ordinary nozzles are also not suitable for cleaning periodontal pockets – the plastic of an ordinary nozzle will irritate the delicate skin of the gums, and the flow of water from a regular nozzle is too large. Periodontal tips have a thin nose covered with a soft material that allows you to “crawl” directly into the periodontal pocket and clean it thoroughly.

Replacement nozzle Waterpik PP-100E

In some models of irrigators, a UV disinfector is provided: an ultraviolet lamp is fixed in the nozzle compartment, turns on when the compartment is closed and disinfects the nozzles for 10-15 minutes, after which it automatically turns off.

UV radiation destroys all bacteria, so the tips will be sterile clean. To prevent the harmful effects of radiation on humans (direct exposure to UV rays is harmful to the skin and eyes), the lamp turns on only when the compartment door is closed.

The presence of a UV lamp increases the price of the device, but contributes to the convenience of its use and reduces the risk of transmission of oral diseases to other family members. It will be especially useful in large families with children who are difficult to get to thoroughly clean the nozzle after each use.

The easiest way is to make a pulsation frequency equal to the frequency of piston movements in the compressor, but at the same time, the number of pulsations per minute does not exceed 600 at maximum mode and decreases when the mode changes along with engine speed. A flow with such a frequency of pulsations is inefficient and practically indistinguishable from a constant one.

In more expensive irrigators, a quick-acting valve is used to create pulsations, which allows you to bring their number to a more effective frequency of 1200-1500 pulsations per minute, and sometimes up to 2000. Moreover, in this design, the number of pulsations remains unchanged at any pressure, if the mode change does not provide intentionally reducing the number of pulsations.

Irrigator Panasonic EW-DJ40-W520

The undoubted plus of the technology is that it allows you to significantly reduce the amount of water consumed without a strong decrease in efficiency, so its presence in portable irrigators will be a plus.

Irrigator Panasonic EW1211A321

Irrigators with contactless induction charging are safer and more reliable by default. In addition, they are more convenient to use – no need to pick off the small and tight rubber connector cap every time – just put the device on the stand, and charging will begin. The only drawback of this method is a noticeable increase in the price of the device. But what will you not do for the sake of convenience?


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