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What is Agnes RF?


If you are wondering if Agnes RF is something that you can give a try, read on to know more about it. Agnes RF is an innovative radiofrequency microneedling device that uses exclusive Square Wave energy and custom micro-insulated needles. This device harnesses the power of RF energy and concentrates it to treat target areas in a minimally invasive, non-surgical manner.

This device was developed in South Korea by a group of renowned dermatologists, with Dr. Gun Ahn as the head, with the vision of introducing and delivering truly innovative technology to global aesthetic practices. Its basis lies in precisely delivering concentrated energy to targeted areas, which is all determined by a scientific formula that outlines the basic premise of the custom settings offered by Agnes.

So, how exactly does Agnes RF work? In order to provide unparalleled control as well as flexibility, Agnes RF doesn’t lock its potential behind any preloaded software. If features adjustable settings that give the user freedom to assess and tailor treatments to every individual patient. The relation between the amount of heat energy as well as the duration of each pulse is controlled by the user for the most efficient treatments.

Aesthetic procedures can be a form of art and through Agnes RF’s incredible precision of the micro-insulated needles. You have the freedom to personalize settings and concentrate RF delivery, something that helps you create the best end result.

You do not need to have any worries about using Agnes needles because they are custom created and designed, and backed by research based on the vertical anatomy of the human skin. The needles are partially insulated so as to protect the upper layers of the dermis while at the same time delivering high energy to the target treatment areas deep below the dermis layers.

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What is Agnes RF?


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