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What Educators Should Know About Universal Design For Learning


There would be many students that must be excited to study about space. They want to know everything, they must be wishing to satisfy their wonderings about the area, and at the same time, there would be students that do not have any wonderings at all. Or they might be not interested in knowing so. Similarly, some students love to write, but at the same time, some students don’t like writing at all and find it difficult to express their thoughts in words. So teacher’s guide designs their course work to target a diverse group of new learners.

There is a wide range of students and their unique minds in any classroom. There is a wide range of enthusiasm, background, and skills among the students. And when you don’t reach the level of all of them, you want them all to learn, you plan with this range in mind, and you can approach the lesson in many ways.


The universal maybe make you think it is about approaching one way of teaching by which everyone could learn. But it’s quite the opposite of that. The goal of adopting a universal learning design is to use various teaching methods that could reach students of every level and remove any barriers to learning. It is about making your plans flexible enough to capture everyone’s strengths and abilities. This is the aim of UDL – to remove the fences and benefit all learners.

UDL is an educational framework to create a range of learning opportunities for everyone. By approaching UDL, teacher’s guide design their course work to target a diverse group of learners rather than making ongoing adjustments according to the needs of special kids (Jimenez, C., Graf, L., Rose, E., 2007). It is base on three principles. Each principle has a set of guidelines that helps to understand how we can improve learning through tools and resources. Each guide helps educators figure out how to present the information, engage students, and create inclusive assessments and evaluations.

UDL can be apply to overall course work or any specific part of learning such as lectures, resources, teaching activities, hangouts, educational trips, or labs. A universally designed curriculum provides students with multiple or flexible ways of viewing and listening to expression and makes the classroom more engaging. It reduces the need for special accommodations made for students with disabilities.


Teaching is one of the noblest professions worldwide. If you are teaching someone, you are contributing to society. The teacher’s guide are often challenging to design a curriculum that could reach a diverse range of mindsets of a massive population. Each student can learn efficiently because they would have various earning formats to choose from and tools and resources to understand things better. UDL provides us with multiple strategies and resources to help meet diverse learning needs improves accessibility to learning opportunities that will eventually increase the student success rate. UDL can also be approach by professional essay writers that provide students with a diverse range of writing services according to their needs.



Create ways to attract learners and maintain their interest in learning. This can be approach by:

  • Surveying students about their needs and knowing what attracts them and help them retain the information. Knowing their strengths and needs, incorporate the following into lessons.
  • Guide them through different routes for approaching their goals.
  • Keep learning goals simple and in a way that students feel familiar. 


Offers information in more than one format to help them choose the best according to their needs.

  • Make it easy for them to format the visuals of the information you present them.
  • Some students may find it easier to retain information by visual or some with audios. Make it easy for them to approach whatever they feel more relevant to.


Give them more than one way to express what they have learned and interact with the given material.

  • Provide them with checklists that help them track the subtasks to achieve a particular goal.
  • Allow them to show what they know through a variety of means. Through drawing, writings, posters, r digital visuals.
  • Provide them with basic AT – that is, text-to-speech or speech-to-text.


UDL can help all learners, but it can especially help students who learn and think differently.

It makes learning more accessible in general classrooms where a student who understands and thinks differently spends most or all of the school days.

Present the information in such a way that attracts learners and makes them learn instead of asking them to adapt to the report. 

Provide students with more than one way to interact with the materials to learn and use their strengths to cover their weaknesses. UDL provides flexibility for students of all levels.

It makes it all equal for all. It reduces the stigma by giving a variety of options to every student to adapt information UDL doesn’t let single out the few that receive special accommodations due to disabilities.


Families may not be familiar with the concept of students being decisive about setting their learning goals. Instead, they may ask about students choosing learning choices on their own. If you are not sure whether your school uses UDL or not, ask them to talk to them about it. As a parent, you can advocate teacher’s guide training to make the curriculum more accessible for your child. Sometimes, the students who do not understand end up under pressure that causes low grades and risks their futures. For the moment, help find a college admission essay writing service in US to save the day for them but try to teach them in a way that is more convenient for them to retain the knowledge.

Or, if the school of your child is already following the UDL approaches, ask them for your child’s progress and know your child’s preferences and learning techniques so that you can provide him with the same at home.


As a teacher’s guide, make sure that all the students in your classroom feel equally important and get a choice to pick their preferred way of learning. Make sure that they feel safe bringing themselves to participate in the school. UDL gives all students an equal opportunity for learning and success in their careers. This approach will help students know their strengths and weaknesses and help them access material in their way and show what they learn in their way.


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