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What areas of life machine learning are the most influential?


Initially when the computer and its various software controlled systems were introduced, humans were facilitated through physical and machine learning help. Over the years such systems were highly incorporated not just in the industries but in homes too.

Then the advent of internet facilitated us greatly too. It touches upon all aspects of our lives. For instance, even in studies too, as online mode gives you greater flexibility than classroom learning (paytotakemyclassonline, 2021).

But now the concept of computer’s influences in our daily lives is drastically changing. It is not merely as simple as it were before. Now we can not only avail physical and mechanical help, but also mental and psychological aspects of our lives are analyzed and then assisted.

This is all made possible through the concept of machine learning.

What is machine learning?

There was a time when the idea of artificial intelligence was only there in the movies. Gradually it became real as robots with artificial intelligence were invented. But now, this concept is crossing the boundaries of our daily lives too.

There are many systems that are now regulated through the incorporation of artificial intelligence in them. This newfound concept is generally known as machine learning.

Machine learning is an evolving branch of computational algorithms (El Naqa and Murphy, 2015). It basically operates by analyzing the input databases and identifying patterns in them. Then according to the patterns observed, it suggests particularly relevant outcomes. These outcomes the machines come up with on their own. This is why this concept is called machine learning, as the artificially intelligent machines use their own intelligence to work.

It is said that these operations imitate the way in which our brain’s neurons operate. They are said to be copying the same sort of patterns.

Hence machine learning algorithms make use of the historical data to suggest new suitable outcomes. It is hoped that machine learning can completely aid our mental labor one day.

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In what ways machine learning is aiding our daily lives?

Machine learning is making us lives easier in several ways. With its productive outcomes, it is constantly aiding us. Here are some of the ways in which machine learning is incorporated in our daily lives:

Transportation Automation

If you have ever boarded on a plane, you may have an idea that the pilots do not manually control the flight throughout the whole journey. The airplane is dominantly controlled by automatic systems. It is during the take-off and the landing when the pilots need to work actively. Well, this is one example of machine learning.

Through the concept of automated transportation, the aircraft is able to track its position through GPS, motion sensors and other computer aid. And then the flight is directed accordingly.

Now this system is being incorporated in cars as well. AI-powered cars are being manufactured that can not only steer clear of obstacles, but also follow the traffic rules properly. These cars are much safer as compared to the driving experience provided by manual cars. Although these cars are now rare, it is hoped that in future they would be used in abundance.

Recommendation engines

Have you ever noticed that when you read a particular type of posts from a few particular pages online, your phones automatically start suggesting you more such posts? Whether it is Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social website, all show the same sort of response.

And this is greatly helpful, as we are able to come across things of our particular interest.

This is made possible through recommendation engines which operate on the principles of machine learning.

And this is not just limited to your social feed. Many brands incorporate this technology to enhance their relationship with their customers. This system can be used to analyze the emails and messages of customers, and the more important ones are brought under attention first. Even responses can be suggested accordingly.    

Role in environmental protection

You must have heard of smart self-adjusting thermostats. This is just one way in which computer is aiding us. Now, its role in regulating our environmental protection units is increasing rapidly.

There is tons of information that cannot be analyzed manually by humans. Machines learning aid us by analyzing such environment related data and predicting what environmental changes might come in future. It also suggests what controlling measures might be taken to avoid calamities.

Aiding health care

There are many computerized machines that are already present in the hospitals and without which medical treatments are impossible.    

But now AI systems and deep learning are helping doctors diagnose their patient more quickly and accurately. New drugs and treatments can be suggested, errors can be reduced and adverse reactions can be prevented through using machine learning.

Enhancing the security of homes and smart homes

The security of your homes can be monitored through AI regulated systems. It can work by operating on the principles of facial recognition and identifying any unknown person. Smarter security systems are hence possible in multiple ways.

Many AI systems can with installed in coordination with your home appliances and automatic regulations can be made possible. For instance, lights can be turned off automatically when the room is empty and much more.

Cyborg Technology

Being humans we have certain mental and physical limitations. But these can be aided and augmented through machine learning. Our natural abilities can be increased greatly through this.

In fact, systems are being made through which handicapped people may be aided. For instance artificial limbs can be used that can work by receiving signals from our brain and making natural movements like the actual limb.  

Bottom line

These are just a few basic areas where machine learning is being used. Scientists and researchers hope that in future the machine learning would indeed be accommodating in more overarching spheres of our lives.  


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