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Welcome to Oahu: Best Island Tour in Oahu, Hawaii


Among the prestigious places that people love spending their vacation at is Hawaii. Its pristine landscapes, distinctive culture, and clean beaches create the perfect environment for people to escape their busy life and destress. 

When visiting the Aloha State, travelers often visit the third largest island in Hawaii – Oahu. This island is known as “The Gathering Place” because of its colorful culture. In addition, it is considered one of the main places to visit in Hawaii because it is full of remarkable lookout points, outstanding surf and unique wildlife, and spectacular white sand beaches. 

That being said, travelers visiting Oahu should consider visiting various places on the island. And one of the best ways to do a Hawaii excursion is by joining day tours. Tour operators can escort their guests to some of Oahu’s Hidden Gems, including Diamond Head Lookout, Halona Blowhole, and dole plantation

Diamond Head Lookout is an elevated lookout view perched on the eastern side of the famous Diamond Head Volcano. At this location, visitors can take pictures of Oahu’s southeastern coastline and have the opportunity to see notable sights as far as Maui and Hanauma Bay on a clear day. Moreover, the location is also a prestigious place as it is where bystanders watched Amelia Earhart make her first solo aviation journey from Aloha State to North America. 

Halona Blowhole is one of Hawaii’s natural wonders and a rock formation many visitors aim to visit when vacationing in the Aloha State. This natural occurrence was created after molten lava tubes were formed from volcanic eruptions from the Koko Head crater. This blowhole extends into the ocean with a very narrow opening at the top; when the surf is just right, water pressure builds up within the tube and erupts through the narrow opening. 

Local guides also escort travelers to Dole Plantation Hawaii to see the historic pineapple plantation. At this location, people also get the chance to try the pineapple ice cream, or more commonly known as Dole Whip, and purchase pineapple-themed souvenirs. 

For more information about Oahu, Hawaii, and how to have the best tour experience, read this infographic from Go

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