The Most Suitable Ways To Make Money Selling Ebooks Online

Making money whether using the internet or not is what everyone wants to do these days. If you are a good writer and frequently write books, miss no further opportunity to publish them online in the form of ebooks instead of going for the conventional paper book printing process.


Making money whether using the internet or not is what everyone wants to do these days. If you are a good writer and frequently write books, miss no further opportunity to publish them online in the form of ebooks instead of going for the conventional paper book printing process.

For selling books online you need to follow the steps. Besides, if you get ebook writing service for this reason, it will also be convenient and time-saving. The publication of Ebooks is way easier and trouble-free as everyone is busy these days and does not have much time to get stuck in just one thing for too long.  

Ebooks: What Are They?

Ebooks or electronic books are those that can be published, bought, and read online. These are just like other books except for the difference that they are digitally accessible. The most interesting topics such as fiction, guides on various topics, science, technology, spirituality, socialism, politics, etc. are captivating themes for the avid readers of.

Technology has made it simple for you to become a writer, editor, publisher, and seller of your own book simultaneously. Moreover, the writer does not have to run behind the publisher to get the remarks about its finalization.

A dedicated effort is required to market and sell online. If you are a professional writer and sell the ebooks regularly, you would have an idea of what the stages are to get where you want to.                        

Where Should You Sell Your Ebooks If You’re Launching an Ebook Venture?

To sell your ebooks, the best option is your website. But if you’re a beginner, you would need the most famous and most visited e-commerce sites or online mobile applications to work as a foundation to promote your books. For example, Amazon, eBay, Apple books, Google store, etc.

The complete process remains in your command and there’s no external pressure to cause troubles. For those who are hesitant to the daily use of technology and find it difficult to sell books online. The procedure is straightforward and there’s nothing to worry about. All you have to do is simply upload the book, set the mode of payment, and you’re good to go.

Staying free from visiting the book stores asking the authorities to sell your work is one of the biggest advantages of ebooks. Well, you can also get printed versions for those who are the hardcopy loves instead of the digital ones.                           

The Very First Step Towards Becoming a Bestseller

To become the most read author within a few months of your publication, it is highly required to write short books on the most enticing themes. “Current affairs” or “the global mechanism in the coming years” can also be good topics making you the best seller of the year.

You have to work on your skills first by keeping on free writing daily. Also, hone your fact-checking abilities if planning to go for realistic themes such as biographies. Reading other content is also very essential to keep yourself writing without facing any writer’s bocks.

During the last year, a fiction novel by Kristin Hannah remained on top of the best sellers’ lists with a rating of 4.5 on Amazon.  Similarly, many other authors secure this position every year due to their unmatched capabilities that make the audience buy their books online.                             

Find a popular topic to pique readers’ interest

No one can make exact assumptions whether which topics readers want to read about currently or shortly. But we can find out by carrying out keyword research. Whatever, you write about do complete research and avoid beating about the bush thereby making readers lose interest.

If it is a fiction-based story, develop a strong plot with well-established characters and other related stuff. However, if it is about business, economics, or anything based on facts and figures, provide factual information with confidence yet with simplicity so that it will be easy for the readers to keep on reading.

Remember whatever you do, just through your head, heart and hands into it.                          

Get an editor and proofreader to help you with your e-book

Suppose you do not have any idea or are not much familiar with editing or proofreading. It’s better to look for one or more professional editors.

It is of paramount importance to hire someone for this reason because you won’t want the audience to have a negative impression of you by coming across any spelling or grammatical mistakes. This makes a reader think that the writer is extremely non-pro and inexperienced. It is more likely to ruin your reputation in the writers’ and audience circle as well.

You can outsource someone through an online marketplace. People work at the most affordable rates there if you are in search of economical proofreading and editing.                 

Make an eye-catching cover for your e-book.

Appearance plays the real game. Work to make your book cover catchy and extraordinary. It’s better to take the assistance of a design specialist who is capable enough to make your book cover look visually appealing.

It’s totally fine to not have a keen eye for designs but not employing someone who has a better understanding will be a mistake. Incorporate visuals, text, colors, etc. that will enhance its worth.

Colors must be according to the theme of the book. Never try to add an indefinite mixture of colors to the cover since it is not a fruit cocktail but a well-researched one.

We know that judging a book by its cover is not a good trait but let your cover say out loud what the book is all about.           

Write a compelling book description that will captivate readers’ curiosity

Book descriptions are as important as a good cover. The main purpose of a good description is to in the visibility of readers visiting a book site online. Besides, these are intended to provide an overview of the complete book without revealing the major information or plot.

It plays the role of a trailer just like a soon-to-be-released film. Platforms like Amazon, eBay, Google, Apple, etc. encourage writers to write unique descriptions.         

Unmatched Title   

The book title is like the main ingredient. If you miss it out or compromise over, it will mess up the whole cuisine. It offers a strong hook to the readers and gives away 2% to 3% of the main plot.   

Incorporate Images

According to research, our minds are designed in a way that makes them more creative to build links and understand things more clearly through images.

If you want to be more creative, it’s better to take your original images using a smartphone or a professional camera. However, if you are unwilling to do this, go to the free online image libraries and download the relevant images.

But don’t forget to add images because they are one of the sources to grapple the readers.

Getting Rid of the Writer’s Blocks

This is bound to happen at some point. When you begin to write, your mind goes blank, and you don’t know what to do next. I’ve found that there are two methods for getting untied that work for me. Consider who you’re writing for.

Is it a familiar face and what their ages are? Do you know anything interesting regarding them? Consider your eBook to be a struggle or escapism for that individual. Setting a word count objective for your work is another approach to get back into writing.

Virtual Ebook Promotions

Artists all over the world take this technique into account to arrange online virtual promotional programs via any of the most famous social media sites.

Youtube is also another junction where writers, singers, actors, etc. go live with many other supporting artists to conduct a full-fledged session. The comment section determines people’s interests. These online campaigns are significant to bring valuable traffic to your ebook-selling website.

Announcing a giveaway session can trigger sales automatically. People get attracted to everything given for free. So widen your heart and set aside the first few copies as a gift. It is one of the best strategies to make money online after building a potential clientele.  

The influence of social media is immense

It is the world of social interactions via the internet. Promoting books or any of the work on social media is one of the most effective techniques. There are billions of users around the globe that scroll down their feeds daily. Taking advantage of this, running promotional ads will play a vital role to bring your artwork into the limelight in a considerably short span.             

  • Twitter

You may ask your followers to either buy or utter promotional remarks regarding the book. Or you may also reach out to the influencers to encourage readers to buy it. Additionally, running paid ads for a day or two will also help.    

  • Facebook

Create posts with captions stimulating book enthusiasts to make a purchase in a short paragraph form. Join various famous groups and post content conveying promotional messages about your book. Share the URL that leads the buyers to your ebook website.  

Sell Online through Ecommerce Sites

Besides social media, e-commerce websites are the most powerful tools to increase ebook sales. Some people find it very intimidating to run accounts on these platforms but, a little guidance from the internet will pave your way to easily do business and make money selling your best artwork.

Following are the most visited online forums for this purpose.

  • Amazon

Amazon, the king of e-commerce is also doing great in selling ebooks along with the conventional printed books. It plays the game of ratings.      

  • eBay

eBay is one of the largest electronic book-selling platforms. Undoubtedly, it is an effective method to opt for this ecommerce site. Simply sign-up as a seller, fill in the necessary details, provide needed info about your product, add the payment mode, and there you go.         

  • Google Play Books

Despite being restricted to some countries, this media is very fruitful to publish and sell books online. It supports certain file formats such as PDF, EPUB, etc.      

  • Apple Books

For Steve Job’s fans, Apple books are another medium to buy your next reading publication. It is a sort of mobile application for iOS and macOS users. It provides additional night mode reading features to enhance the user experience.

Writers also manifest their books on Apple Books to get the maximum buyers.          

Audiobook is a Good Idea

Most people like to listen to books instead of reading them. It may sound weird but it is their choice. In this regard, appoint a voice-over artist from among your friends or go to the internet and outsource someone with good ratings and reviews.

It is a good practice to publish books in various formats such as electronic, print, and audio. This way, it will be accessible to every sort of reader.

Moreover, this way you will be able to secure potential book listening customers.          

Set a fair rate for your ebook

The bulk of self-published ebooks is priced within the range of $1 to $10.  Look at the prices of self-published publications that are identical to yours in ebook retailers. Compare this pricing, or if you’re just getting started, try selling your book for less until your following grows.

If you are a beginner, go for a much lower rate or give for free for some time. Once you succeed to build a notable audience and a clientele, it will be time for your to make real money.

Final Thoughts

Compiling a book and getting to the stage of selling it can be arduous. On the contrary, most passionate writers enjoy it. Undoubtedly, it is a good source to earn bucks as a side income. Besides, it reflects the most competent and skillful aspect of your life how organized and good a time manager you are by publishing more than one book each year. Making money selling ebooks online will be in trend to a greater extent in the near future.         


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