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Everything About Gmail Filters for the Readers


Certainly, as a working person, you’ll be using Gmail for all your work-related communications. Thus, you might receive hundreds of emails daily, some of which may be bothering you.But do you know that you can establish or create rules in Gmail for a better work experience; and for sorting out your work and also for regulating the overflow of emails; you can do all this with the help of Gmail filters. 

In this blog, we are going to explain to you about Gmail filters and how it works. Let us first see what we mean by Gmail filters. 

What are Gmail Filters?

Gmail filter is actuaUsing Gmail filters, you can find and apply simple rules to the emails you receive on your email account. And not only this but the users can also customize these rules and also they can see fit; making sure that certain types or sorts of emails are placed somewhere where you do not need them or in some other folders. 

Most people prefer using Gmail filters to get rid of a property that categorizes the emails which are very much predictable like they could be some newsletter of marketing, social media notifications; and also automatic notifications from the application of project management. And there are plenty of tricks and hacks for this which the users must know about so that they can do the filters of Gmail.

Ways to Create Filters in Gmail – 

So now that you know what Gmail filters are, let’s look at what filters you can use in Gmail so that you can use them. Before we get started, we want to make sure you are aware that this procedure includes steps that users must follow as well as execute in order to set the filters.

Phase 1 

You can begin with creating the filters in Gmail in this way which is the first way out of the three ways and no matter what way you want to with it is fine. 

  • Begin with clicking on filters and blocked addresses; and then after this you can proceed to click on the option of creating a new filter.
  • Now you need to simply click on the arrow button on the search bar of your inbox now after you have to click on the option of filter messages like this.

Phase 2

In phase two to create Gmail filters you have to allow filter emails from some specific email addresses; then you can select the email address as well as the subject, the words in the email, and the size of the email. You can also filter certain dates, searches, attachments and many other things and after clicking simply press create filter button. 

Phase 3

This is the final phase to export Gmail filters in which you need to decide what happens to the emails like archive them; mark as read, star them, apply labels, delete them, forward them; and many other options too. 

Final Words

We hope now you learn how to create filters in Gmail along with this guide. If you want to know other latest news about social media, email, and technology; we recommend you to visit our official website at least once. Onlingeeks is a popular technical blogging platform where you can get everything that you want. 

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