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Vape cartridge boxes and their importance to your business


Vape Cartridge Boxes has become a popular activity among the youth today. It is deemed less harmful than regular smoking, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity. Also, it brings a “cool” attitude to the consumer’s personality, and he deems it the ‘in’ thing to do. But, we are not here to talk about vapes as such. We will talk about their packaging, more specifically, Vape Cartridge Boxes. We will see what is so special about them that everyone is going for them and how it can impact your business positively.

Why should you go for custom packing?

First, we need to understand why you need to opt for custom packing? Custom packing is a particular form of packing that you use to pack the products. According to the customer’s desires and requirements, everything about custom packing is bespoke. It gives a lot of ways to play around with the box. You can do whatever you like with it and give it a distinct look that is unique and novel. Let’s see how you can provide a customized look to your vape cartridge box.

Start with an eco-friendly material:

An eco-friendly material would give your boxes a different look. You can always opt for the traditional materials like cardboard or corrugated material, but that would make it just another box. When you go for an environmentally sustainable and biodegradable material, it enhances your environmental credentials and gives your package a peculiar look.

Vape Cartridge Boxes

Make it visually appealing:

The visual appeal of the box depends on many factors. It starts with the color of the product and the pictures you choose to print on the box. Besides images, you can also put patterns, designs, logos, etc., on the box. It is your choice and your discretion. You can put anything on the box as long as it looks appealing and aesthetic.

Make it interactive:

By interactive, we mean you can use the Vape Cartridge Boxes to talk with your clients. You can use exciting quotes, fun facts about vaping, jokes, how vaping is safer than smoking, and other such stuff. The idea is to set your box apart from others and involve the user in the process. 

Write helpful information about the product:

Besides printing interesting titbits vapes that w mentioned above, you can also put helpful information about the product itself. It could be anything like the ingredients, usage directions, precautions, possible side effects of vaping, etc. It will do well with the vape user, who will consider your company as an enterprise that values its client base. You can also give information about your social media accounts to make the box more appealing to the customer. 

Use inserts in the boxes:

The use of inserts would make the product safe and secure, making the box more appealing to the buyers. Vape is a fragile item, and it needs protection from jolts, impacts, and extreme climate. So, inserts would serve the dual purpose of keeping the product in perfect condition and making it look premium.

Print add-ons that can help a lot:

There is a wide range of printing options available that can enhance the look of your custom boxes. Some of the more popular ones are as follows;

Offset printing
Digital printing
Printed lamination
UV spot printing
Glossy finish
Gold, silver, and copper stamp foiling
Matte finish
Embossing and debossing

These printing styles look good on the box and make them stand out in the crowd. Use them in combination for maximum effect and impact. Technology has introduced many innovative and customer-friendly changes in the field of printing. But the techniques mentioned above are in vogue currently and will considerably uplift your custom box.

Colors that look great:

We had hinted about colors earlier when discussing visually appealing the box. But, the topic of colors is so important that it merits a separate mention. Usually, vape sellers avoid putting bright and vibrant colors on Vape Cartridge Boxes. They typically go for dark colors, but that is not the rule. You can deviate from it, and your package will look different and one of a kind.

Choose the box supplier wisely:

For making eye-catching custom vape boxes, you need to choose a reliable and professional custom box manufacturer. You can search online ask your friends about it. When you do, make sure that the company has the expertise to carry out your job efficiently and effectively. Look for its previous work and ask for samples before you okay the final production.

Fast Custom Boxes is such a company that enjoys an impeccable reputation in custom box manufacturing. It has everything going for it. They have everything to put you at ease, from their highly competitive prices to the fastest delivery and worldwide shipping. Their design team would make your vision a reality and suggest changes where necessary. Please do consider them.

Vape Cartridge Boxes

Do not compromise on print quality:

Lastly, we like to advise that whatever you choose to do with your box, never compromise on the quality of the box. Make it look as premium and luxurious as you can. Use high-quality material, stunning artwork on the box, and use print techniques that add to the beauty of the box. The effect should be as impactful as it can get.


That sums up our topic of custom vape boxes and how you can make them more presentable to the customers. We have highlighted some of the critical customization aspects in this regard. We hope they will help you elevate the status of your boxes and help you make a sensible choice for selecting different customization options at your disposal.


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