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Instagram is Fun But Use of Instagram Spy App is More Fun


How did you spend your holidays? I am sure most of us spent it on our couch eating last night’s leftovers and browsing social media. It could be all the window shopping. Pressing add-in to cart for all those things you are not buying or judging all those who are out there posting stuff that you could not on social media.  Well, don’t get me wrong. But most of us spent the holidays like this. Now when it’s all over and we are back to work-life we are making To do checks and wish lists for next vacations. As pathetic as it sounds but it is true.


I mean you are adding all of your favorite things in the wish list just to log out.  But the feels are somewhat real. You are feeling excited without spending money. Similarly using social media is one of the best ways to pass free time. After 2-3 hours of continuous browsing still, you can simply know what kind of drinks are they offering in Maldives bar. Or if chile is cold or hot at this time of year, or if your boss is spending his/her holidays out of the country despite he has banned all the tours for the employees.

Excuse my rant and sarcastic comments but social media and instant messenger chat apps have completely hijacked our life. I may sound bitter. But I have seen my boss’s holiday Instagram post when he ordered me to cancel my trip one night before just because he needed me.  So bear with me but I am hating all of these Instagram posts and hashtags. In the middle of all emotional hits, my wife came to me and suspiciously said that she think our teenage boy is in some kind of trouble.

Need spy app for instagram

When I ask why the reason was he is especially silent around us, come home late, and has not been seen along with one of his best friends. She was suspicious that maybe all of this is got to do with his public account on Instagram. That last was enough to trigger me so I said we are going with plan B i.e use of a spy app for the kids.

We got the OgyMogy and it has been a smooth ride after that. We can remotely monitor all of his online activities with the help of this app. Here is how the OgyMogy Instagram spy app has helped us monitor our teen kids secretly.

How the Instagram Spy app Work:

Instagram was once just an app to showcase personal photos or some videos. But with time it has evolved and become a money-making tool as well. The so-called influencers and digital creators are using this platform to make money and get famous. Apparently, my kid started this thing made a public account  The purpose was to share his basketball and online games clips and daily life. Turned out some weird people were stalking him on his platform and started bullying him. We got to know about this with the help of the OgyMogy Instagram spy app. Otherwise, our so-called introvert kid who is so good at sharing his life online with digital friends would never have shared anything with us.

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Instagram Spy App functionalities

  • Parents can remotely watch all the Instagram activities of the kid through this app. All the information is saved with timestamp information. You can not only keep an eye on their post and videos. But the Instagram spy app allows the user to know about the other features as well like Stories, IGTV, posts and comments, and more.
  • You can check their saved folder thus it is an easy way to know about their interests and hobbies.
  • Another best thing about this app is that it allows a secret passage to the inbox folder of the kid’s account. You can monitor if they are being threatened, bullied by anyone.
  • No need to worry about the deleted content or the story that gets disappeared. After 24 hours as the app saves all the records on the online dashboard.

OgyMogy offers many other social media monitoring features that include the Facebook app, Line app, Snapchat spy app, and more.


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