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Ultimate decor tips for an industrial style bathroom


If you are looking for a modern bathroom, head for the industrial vibe! Very fashionable at the moment, this style finds its place in all the rooms of the house and is gradually arriving in the bathrooms. Both authentic and trendy, it will bring a touch of character to your interior. Parsimony or in total look, it’s up to you to judge what would suit your tastes and your space. You don’t know where to start to renovate and decorate your bathroom in an industrial spirit? Stay over here! We give you some decorative ideas for a warm and real bathroom decoration.

The current of thought of the industrial style

The industrial atmosphere is based on the history of the objects and this is particularly due to the history of its creation. Vintage or naturally aged furniture is put on a pedestal to bring a touch of character and contrast between each element. The main idea is still not to clutter your bathroom to keep clean lines and a chic and unique interior. In addition, accessorization and decoration must be parsimonious in order to maintain the sobriety present in a small, elegant and relaxing bathroom.

The importance of wall coverings, but also floor coverings

Floor and wall coverings are very important for this style, especially for a bathroom. For what ? Quite simply because some walls are in contact with water, the choice of coating is then important for the maintenance and condition of your home. We advise you to opt for a subway tile or concrete imitation for the walls likely to receive drops of water. Otherwise, imitation wood or rusty metal tiles are also good leads.

As for the walls that will not be in direct contact with water, you can paint them or opt for a coating that imitates the white bricks of warehouses. This proposal will be useful for small spaces that need an enlarged effect.

For the floor, it is preferable to go for the tiling also since it is easy to maintain (essentially for an open shower, for example), durable and solid. Feel free to use very large tiles for a very high volume impression. Another option: a waxed concrete floor that will make a good impression in an industrial bathroom.

A choice of specific colors

The colors par excellence of industrial atmospheres are gray and black in all their shades. If that scares you a little and/or you want to apply a dab of color to bring in the cheer, head for orange, brick red, green, or dark blue. Avoid beige or taupe which may not match the rest of the bathroom furniture. As for the fittings such as mixer taps for basins and bathtubs and showers, a gold or copper finish will be perfect. 

Our favorite selection of industrial bathrooms

Ensemble Powell: raw distinction

With worked finishes imitating dark-colored concrete, the Powell bathroom makes an impression! Its wood-coloured structure also puts the industrial world in the spotlight. Its efficient storage will make it an incredible set giving your room an important character and a warm appearance.

Celtic set: simple, but effective!

Understated and charming, the Celtic freestanding bathroom set is the epitome of industrial style: clean lines, black metal surrounds and wood-coloured facades. Ideal for small spaces, it still includes a mirror with a washbasin cabinet and a storage column so you don’t have room to store your beauty and toiletries kit.

Santorin old oak set: a mix of conviviality and character

A very big set for very big moments! The Santorin suspended set will be perfect for a large bathroom. Its old oak color instantly warms up any interior and will quickly adapt to your bathroom. Its multiple storage spaces and its suspension hook make it perfect furniture for optimizing space and having a constantly tidy room.

Black Baltik set: elegance embodied

The bathroom set from the Baltik collection is discreet, but intriguing with the matte black color of its fronts. It will also allow you to save space in your room with substantial storage space. It will be perfect for people who like the industrial style, but find it a bit cold. This set will retain some warmth thanks to its wood colour.

A prominent place for raw materials

What do we mean by raw materials ? It is brick, metal, concrete or even wood. Indeed, these priority materials of this style make it possible to create a very assertive and impactful style. These are the emblem of the industrial atmosphere. Concrete, for example, is widely used to cover the floor or the countertop. It is ideal for parts of water, because it does not fear humidity (even if we still recommend a water-repellent treatment to be sure not to damage it).

You should also know that it is a material whose maintenance is generally quite simple and goes wonderfully well with marble. Another material with a large place in this current: metal! Finally, if you find these materials too cold, use raw wood or laminate panels that mimic its appearance. The advantage is that it will adapt to all rooms and instantly warm the room, but it must be treated against humidity as well.

Industrial furniture, at the heart of your choices

Whether you have a small bathroom or a large bathroom, it is possible to bring an industrial layout into your interior. It is the storage furniture that must adapt to the available space of the room. There are now reduced models to optimize space while offering bathroom furniture full of storage. The hanging storage column can for example be an alternative to the lack of space since it extends over the height of the wall. If you are a fan of recycling, do not hesitate to go antiquing for a piece of furniture that serves as a washbasin cabinet.. Check for examples at Homary! All you have to do is add a black or gray rectangular ceramic countertop washbasin that adapts to any type of furniture and you’re done!

Also, for the most DIY enthusiasts, it is quite possible to recover an old metal barrel in order to create your own basin. Be careful, however, to apply an anti-rust treatment to protect it from humidity and it will become the centerpiece of your washbasin cabinet. For the second water point, we recommend a black island bath or a walk-in shower with a workshop-style glass shower screen and a black shower column also with shelves and a whirlpool option if you want to relax more. Your shower cabin will then be functional and relaxing for incredible moments of relaxation.

A wild and friendly bathroom decor

The decoration of industrial bathrooms must be raw without weighing down the room to save space. First, the wall mirror will be the key element of your decoration, choose it with a metal frame to recall the metal structures of abandoned buildings in America. Alone or in accumulation, it reflects the light from your lights throughout your room. Another key feature of this style is leaving your copper pipes and light bulbs exposed. Complete it all with steel glasses to slide toothbrushes and toothpaste into, a metal towel rack and why not a neon motif to bring a touch of American street-art to your bathroom. Finally, choose awarm temperature lighting to magnify your furniture and decorative elements.


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