Saturday, April 1, 2023

UK Lifts Quarantine Rules for Vaccinated Travellers


Governments around the world have exerted extensive efforts to control the spread of the novel coronavirus. Mass testing with an RT-PCR test or a rapid antigen test allowed countries to detect which individuals are stricken with the disease so that treatment could be administered in the soonest possible time.

In 2021, things became hopeful for many as vaccines were distributed to countries worldwide. As a result, governments began adjusting previous lockdown mandates in favour of those who have received full doses of their COVID-19 jabs. For example, completely vaccinated travellers going to the UK are no longer obliged to perform self-quarantine. This change in quarantine rules was announced by UK transport secretary Grant Shapps.

However, travellers are still required to present a fit to fly COVID test to ensure a low risk of transmitting the disease. They may schedule an appointment in trusted clinics like Harley Medic International to take their COVID-19 test.

In addition, when going to countries outside the UK, individuals must confirm the type of test required. While some governments accept only RT-PCR tests, others also allow a rapid antigen test for travel.

See this infographic from Harley Medic International to know more about the new regulations for completely vaccinated travellers entering the UK.

UK Lifts Quarantine Rules for Vaccinated Travellers


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