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TWS headphones get out of sync and lose connection: causes and how to fix


TWS or True Wireless means “truly wireless” – these headphones not only do not have a wired connection to the smartphone, but also to each other. This leads to a frequent loss of synchronization problem – we tell you how to deal with it.

Headphones do not sync with each other
Almost all TWS models have a master and a slave earpiece. When you take them out of the case, the slave connects to the master and synchronization is performed. When out of sync, it will be impossible to listen to music simultaneously on two headphones. In some cases, when searching via Bluetooth, the headphones will be detected separately – this is a clear sign of their out of sync.

There are several ways to solve the problem, we recommend that you try each of them in sequence.

Reconnecting headphones. To do this, find the headphones in the list of connected devices and click “Disconnect”. Then restart Bluetooth and try to connect again.

Reset the headphones. Almost all TWS headphones can be reset to factory settings. You must first remove them from the list of Bluetooth devices on your smartphone using the “Forget Device” button.

Reset is performed according to the documentation. As a rule, it is necessary to simultaneously hold down the function key or touch pad on both headphones for a certain time.

Some headphones suggest a second reset method – through the case. Reconnect/sync after reset.

Headphones TWS Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 black 1 599 *
Remove unused Bluetooth devices. A large number of saved Bluetooth devices may periodically cause the headphones to become out of sync. It is recommended to disconnect the headphones from the smartphone and delete unused gadgets through the “Forget device” item, and then reconnect the TWS headset.

Manual synchronization. The earbuds should automatically pair with each other as soon as the user takes them out of the case, however, due to a glitch or other reason, it will be necessary to re-sync manually. The sequence is indicated in the instructions for the headphones.

Headphones lose connection with smartphone or with each other
The TWS headset uses Bluetooth to transmit data, so the signal is subject to a variety of interference. To make the headphones less likely to lose connection, we recommend using the following recommendations:

Do not hide your smartphone away from the headphones. The range of Bluetooth, depending on the version, is 10-100 meters. However, in practice, the actual radius is 2–10 meters. The signal is also sensitive to various obstacles and radiation from other Bluetooth devices. To reduce the risk of signal loss, do not hide your smartphone far in your backpack or bag while listening to music.

Headphones TWS Honor Earbuds 2 Lite white 4 999 *
Disable other communication modules. Other wireless communication modules, in particular Wi-Fi, also affect the signal quality. Many routers and smartphones have one of the operating frequencies – 2.4 GHz, the same as the Bluetooth module. We recommend turning off Wi-Fi while using the TWS headset.

Eliminate barriers. Bluetooth antennas in modern smartphones are located on the back and radiate a signal away from the user’s head. In this regard, it is highly undesirable to close the back wall of the phone. If you carry your phone in your pocket, keep the screen facing you. Also try listening to headphones without a case. Some covers made of dense material can block the propagation of the signal – metal inserts have the greatest interference.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection. Audio stutters and freezes may not be related to the Bluetooth signal. If you are listening to music over the Internet, the slow speed may cause the problems described above. To check, start listening to a track from the device’s memory. If the freezes are gone, then the problem is in the low speed of the Internet.

Try a different Bluetooth codec. Before sending the signal, the information on the smartphone is encoded with a special codec, after which it is transmitted in compressed form and decoded on the headphones themselves. If your TWS supports multiple Bluetooth codecs, try using a codec with a lower bitrate.

On Android gadgets, this can be done in the “For Developer” menu. iPhone users do not have this opportunity, since the smartphone only works with the AAC codec. We talked more about Bluetooth codecs earlier .

Headphones TWS Apple Airpods 3 (MME73RU/A) white 17 199 *

When to contact the service
Most headphone out of sync problems can be solved by the user through the standard settings and functions. Providing a stable signal will also reduce the chance of losing connection between the headphones.

And only in rare cases, the TWS headset may not be compatible with the hardware of your smartphone. Then it is already necessary to contact the company’s service center to solve the problem or try using a different headset.


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