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Top 6 Areas of Your Home to Upgrade When Renovating


Whether you recently bought a house or are planning a remodel, you can feel good about spending on your house with these upgrades. A blend of pragmatic updates will make your home more efficient while generating opportunities to modify your lifestyle. 

Though some of these concepts are a huge commitment, the outcome is a more stylish and comfortable home. These expert-approved upgrades bring more value to your daily life. In addition, most are excellent for resale value, too. Here are six improvements to focus on.

1. Painting

Paint offers fantastic outcomes with little investment; the expense of painting a room is less than that of other upgrades, and it is an easy house enhancement. If you choose to employ an expert to do the job, expect to part with more than $3,600 for the interior of an average American house. Painting the exterior will cost $5,000 or more.

Cannot decide on a color? According to research, pale yellow properties tend to sell much faster and for more money. Hence, it would help if you were careful when selecting your home’s color palette.

2. Cool Roofing

Everyone is focused on tackling the heat challenge right now. Hence, for your peace of mind and savings, we suggest investing in cool roofs that reflect more sunlight and take in less heat than the conventional roof; thus, enhancing indoor comfort. 

While there are many alternatives to consider when replacing your home’s roof, you can improve the existing one with retrofitted reflective material to realize some benefits of a cool roof, too.

3. Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are a vital part of the kitchen. Physically, they have to endure food preparation and regular cleaning, and visually, they make a huge statement. If your countertops are an eyesore, consider investing in new ones.

Selecting a material like quartz gives your kitchen a new look while making your space easier to maintain and more functional. It is crucial to note that swapping countertops can also affect the current sink and faucet. Hence, this renovation is the perfect opportunity to consider an easy-to-clean arrangement with an under-mount sink and brushed faucets.

4. Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom renovation is the most popular home upgrade project. You can expect to recover three-quarters of your investment. Bathroom remodeling guarantees many benefits and offers your bath a contemporary look.

If you contemplate a complete bathroom upgrade, you will be staring at changing the shower, tub, toilet, and flooring. You are best advised to go for energy-efficient upgrades since they are better for the resale value.

5. Upscale Garage Door Replacement

It is not the most exciting renovation, but upgrading your existing garage door with a newer version gives you 98.3 percent in recovered expenses across the country. This value increments abruptly for specific areas. Now that is a worthy investment.

What does an upscale garage door entail? The current best garage doors are made with durable materials and have high-performance additions like insulation. Wood is a classic option, but it is not pretty weather resistant. If you love a wood garage door, go for a win-win solution by looking into fiberglass or wood composite that have the same look as wood without the shortcomings of the material.

6. Manufactured Stone Veneer On Exterior

Another home upgrade, which gives a handsome return on investment, is improving the exterior of your property with manufactured stone veneer. An artificial stone veneer is not a stone; it is a synthetic composite shaped in molds. 

It has a similar appearance to a rock, and it is installed similarly. It is one of the most incredible ways to enhance and upgrade a dull exterior. Even doing this on a small part of your house, for instance, the foyer is sufficient to reap benefits. According to NCMA, the return on investment for installing manufactured stone veneers is 92.1 percent.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the upgrade you are contemplating, always recall that your primary residence is not only your property; it is your home. If you see yourself occupying the property for many years to come, make the amenities you want despite their influence on the resale value. 

When you want to sell it, do the fundamentals to get the house up to par with the neighborhood and put some curb appeal but do not go out of your way to undertake a wide-ranging array of projects to increment the buying price of the house.


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