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Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Resume before an Interview by Aron Govil


If you’re just now embarking on the job search process, you’ve probably already realized. That your resume is a critical piece of your work life. And for those of you who may be trying to make a career change (like most people these days). It know this: Your resume will be analyzed and scrutinized more than you can imagine.

There are several elements that go into resume-making, but if you want to make the best possible impression. During your next interview, start by taking care of these five items before sending out your resume.

1. First Impressions Last

When it comes to your resume, presentation is everything because it represents YOU. That means the organization is key: Your content needs to flow easily from one section to the next for maximum impact. If there’s a mishmash of fonts or sizes or if headings aren’t perfectly delineated, then your audience will probably be turned off immediately. They’ll never get to all those great skills you’ve developed! The bottom line? Go easy on the bells and whistles (no clip art, please), and make sure your formatting is consistent. If you really want to stand out, consider adding color or design elements. That reflect your personality or interests, but keep it subtly says Aron Govil.

2. Keywords Are Your Best Friends

If the name of this game is standing out during an interview (and it is!), then one way to do that successfully. Is by using specific keywords on your resume–the same words recruiters are also looking for when they comb resumes. They expect you to include some industry-specific jargon on your resume. So don’t hold back if the words “analyzed,” “streamlined,” “organized” and “supervised” roll off your tongue with ease. Just be sure not to go overboard; if you’ve got five or six of them on your resume, you’re probably fine.

3. Keep it personalized to the Company

Before sending out your resume, take an extra second. Two to customize it for each employer or job that you’re applying for. Do this by inserting the name of the company into the document somewhere. (it could be in a header, in a footnote–wherever works best) so that when recruiters see your resume. They know exactly where they came from and how much research. You did before putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). This is always appreciated!

4. Sell Yourself

When writing up your skills section, don’t just list bullet points about what you can do–sell yourself. Think of this section as a place to brag about all your accomplishments. And then back them up by using examples that prove you’re the perfect candidate for the job. And consider marketing words that can illustrate your strengths: For example, instead of saying “strong communicator,” try “proficient communicator.”

5. Highlight Your Accomplishments

The best way to show recruiters why they should want you is to include a section. On your resume called “Accomplishments” or “Achievements.” Here’s where you put everything from years of experience. To publications to certifications–basically anything that supports how exceptional a candidate you are. When listing these items use bullet points rather than full sentences, and remember that more is always better. Shoot for a minimum of five impressive achievements/achievements!

BONUS TIP: Double-check your spelling, grammar and wording on a regular basis because a few small errors. It can ruin an otherwise perfect resume.

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Conclusion by Aron Govil:

In this article, you have learned that how to format your resume by using above formatting styles. You can carefully use these formatting styles in your own resume or CV and get good results. So hope you enjoyed the infographics and gained knowledge from it. For more interesting articles and free sample resumes stay updated with us Zety Resume.


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