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TOP 12 popular retro games on PlayStation 2


The PlayStation 2 became a cult long before the last set-top box rolled off the assembly line, and that only happened in 2013. For 13 years, the console was in incredible demand, which eventually resulted in a mind-boggling figure of about 160 million units. In comparison, the PlayStation 4 recently crossed the 110 million mark.

So what was the reason for such incredible popularity? Was the first commercial 64-bit processor really that good? Or maybe the design of the console has attracted so much attention? Of course not, it’s all about the legendary games of the time!

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Metascore – 96 / 2001

The first part of Metal Gear Solid , by right, is considered one of the best games of its time. After the announcement of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty , everyone was wondering if the new part would come closer to the original or maybe even get better? The developers, under the strict guidance of Hideo Kojima, had to try very hard, but in the end they got a sequel that overshadowed the original.

The game had only two problems. Firstly, this is a direct continuation, which means that without getting to know the first part, it is extremely difficult to understand what is happening. Secondly, early trailers showed the game as Solid Snake, and in the end, most of the time you had to play for the pretty Raiden. That, however, did not stop Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty from becoming one of the best games of its time.

Game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)

Resident Evil 4 became a cult classic not because it bore the proud title of Resident Evil , but because it was a great game. Everyone who wandered through the gloomy Spanish streets or fought with the king-fish will not lie – the game was very different from the previous three parts. No more classic zombies and fixed camera. The emphasis is on action, and for this, an over-the-shoulder view and spectacular close combat techniques were just right. But even this did not make the game a cult one, but a large number of bright, memorable moments throughout the game.

Back in 2004, no game could boast such a huge open world as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas . However, the series grew not only in breadth, but also in depth. The world lived its own life, passers-by go to work, the police are chasing criminals, the fire department, buzzing with a siren, is in a hurry to put out the fire that we started. Despite the fact that the appearance of the character could not be chosen at the beginning of the game, by the end of CJ it was possible not to recognize it because of the mass gained on burgers or vice versa, the mountain of muscles. From the variety of vehicles and tuning possibilities, it was blowing the roof off. And when it came to the helicopter mission, there were Vietnamese flashbacks.

What can we say, the game is still popular thanks to the MTA and SA:MP , though it’s not the developers, but the modders who should be thanked for this. But even if you don’t know what kind of set of letters it is, then you were definitely looking for your home on Grove Street in GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition (PS4)

Can cruelty bring a lot of pleasure? Can violence make you smile? If both answers are yes, then don’t worry, the outfit hasn’t left for you yet, because you obviously played God of war . The second part already in the first half hour of the game makes it clear that the level of madness and cruelty here is prohibitive, because not every project can break the Colossus of Rhodes with your bare hands. God of War 2 is the most brutal game of its time, if not all time. But this bloodthirstiness is simply necessary, there is simply no time to condemn the actions of Kratos, because it is too fun to beat the inhabitants of Olympus.

God of War game (PS4)

Final Fantasy X was the first part of the famous series released on the PlayStation 2 . For 2001, the graphics in the game were at an incredible level, and even people far from the industry were delighted with the battle animations and cinematic videos. But now 19 years have passed, and Final Fantasy X is still remembered with warmth. The reason for such benevolence is in a touching love story with a couple of dashing turns that will not leave anyone indifferent. Except that boring, slow combat may not seem particularly interesting these days. However, if you still have a desire to touch the beautiful, you don’t need to look for PlayStation 2 , it’s enough to purchase a remaster released in 2015.

And again “Final Fantasy” , but now at number 12 . The graphics are even better, the characters and the world looked great for their time. Another combat, goodbye calculated turn-based system, long live real-time combat. The world is not just big, but also alive. Many races and activities will not let you get bored. And of course the plot: now the main character is surrounded by knights, castles, political intrigues, and all this Middle Ages is seasoned with flying ships and firearms. For all those interested, a good remaster is again available.

If you ask a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series which part he considers the best, then with a probability of 95% you will hear Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater . And there are 3 reasons for that. An exciting story set in the 60s of the 20th century, even more emotional than in the first part. A lot of new gameplay elements, such as dynamic camouflage and animal hunting, which are much needed in the jungle. As well as the final boss fight, which deserves special praise.

Shadow of the Colossus
Metascore – 91 / 2005

At first glance, the idea of ​​a game with a huge open world and only 16 enemies looks absurd. But Shadow of the Colossus was able to prove otherwise. Yes, only 16 opponents, but these are colossal giants, each of which is a difficult, unique puzzle. The plot also seems unusual, its presentation takes place not through cutscenes and not even through dialogues, but directly through the gameplay. It sounds complicated and incomprehensible, but in fact it is very difficult to break away from Shadow of the Colossus in the process of passing. And everyone should go through it, especially since there is a remaster on the PlayStation 4.

Do you like foxes? What about robots? What about mad scientists? What about superheroes? If yes, then you have no doubt heard of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal . This is the third part of the famous franchise, which is a mixture of platformer and action. At your disposal are two playable characters: Lombax Ratchet and robot Clank, 20 types of weapons. And of course, the mentor is Captain Copernicus Leslie Quark (narcissistic, self-proclaimed superhero). And the robot-supervillain Doctor Nefarius, who hates organic life forms and wants to turn all living things into robots, will have to confront. Only you can stop him!

Ratchet & Clank Hits PlayStation (PS4)

Naughty Dog is known not only for the Uncharted series , The Last of Us and Crash Bandicoot , but also for Jak & Daxter . In Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, you will have to go on a journey with Jack and his friend, turned into a grown (mixture of otter and stoat) through snows, forests and volcanoes. The traditional Naughty Dog approach with maniacal attention to detail, plot and character development is available, which means that the game deserves attention even after 19 years.

Gran Turismo 4 has become a real breakthrough in the genre of driving simulators. Well, judge for yourself, scrupulously recreated tracks, a huge fleet of 700 detailed cars, as well as the most realistic control for its time. The developers were inspired by real racing and that is why they were able to make the best racing game of the generation, which sold over 11 million copies, which is an unimaginable figure for a car simulator.

Gran Turismo Sport game (VR support) (PS4)

It is impossible to define the genre of Beyond Good & Evil , you can start playing action, and by blinking just once you will find yourself in adventure. But you simply don’t want to blink, this game is so diverse that, without having time to enjoy some moment, it immediately throws up another, even more interesting one. But most importantly, the skill of the developers, and in particular Michel Ansel, is so high that this whole wow effect stretches through the whole story and does not let you get bored for a second.

This was the top 12 best games on the PlayStation 2 , but you should not limit yourself to this, because hundreds of other equally good projects that you can think of in the comments are left out of the text.


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