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Tips to style larimar gemstone jewelry


Jewelry has been dear to women as it has always accentuated their looks instantly. And when gems are added to the jewelry, they add an aura to the jewel piece. Gems are rare and desirable. They are loved for their extraordinary beauty. Not only this, a gem has so many healing properties that work for the wearer. Gemstones have been making jewelry more beautiful with their shine and color since ancient civilizations. These jewel stones formed on the Earth years ago add uniqueness to a jewelry piece.

A gemstone accessory is the most beautiful addition you can make to your wardrobe. It not only adds class to the whole outfit but brings a sense of personality. Since these colorful gems have gained a lot of popularity, you must know how you can style gemstone jewelry pieces.

Choose delicate pieces to add elegance to your look: If simplicity works for you, you can go for small stones in your jewelry piece. Go for that pendant you have been eyeing for a long time. If you love wearing rings, Larimar ring can be a good option for keeping it simple yet classy.

Go for earrings to enhance your dull outfit: Earrings can bring charm to a woman’s face. They glam up the whole look. Pick elegant pieces that are not too over and work the right way to brighten up your office look. Color coordination can be a good idea in this case.

Go for classics: Classics are simple yet classy. You can never go wrong with jewelry in classic design. They effortlessly amp up your looks. One of the reasons they are loved so much is because their fashion will never go away.

Wear it in layers: Necklaces in layers are loved for their playful vibes. It can require some creativity but will indeed say a lot about your unique taste.

Go for those bold statement pieces: Are you a person who is not sure about who to style those big chunk necklaces? Well, the formula that works is- go for a basic outfit with bold statement pieces. To highlight the jewelry, you should wear something basic. Choose monochromes and pair them up with colored gemstone danglers or a large size gemstone necklace.

Choose rare and unique gemstone jewelry: When you wear something unique, people are intrigued about you and your particular taste. You can go for a moldavite pendant or larimar bracelet.

You can pick your birthstone: Start with your birthstone if you are confused about what gemstone you want to buy.

Gemstone jewelry is one of the best investments you will make. It is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. A gemstone not only makes you look gorgeous but also provides you its healing benefits. So, when you are buying a gemstone accessory, please look at its healing properties to make your mind better. Gemstones are known to take care of your well-being and keep you away from negative energies. They are also termed lucky stones that bless the wearer with so many positive results. 

Keeping this in mind, you can also think of buying this jewelry for your loved one. Gemstone rings have always been preferred as a wedding gift. However, you can pick a colored gem this time instead of the traditional one to be a unique couple. Some gemstones are suitable for your love life; you can choose from them. These gems are Larimar, moldavite, moonstone, opal, and turquoise. When you get to know more about their metaphysical properties, you will be amazed, and it will further help you pick your jewelry piece.

Gemstone jewelry care

Jewelry is a precious piece of art, and we want to cherish it for a long time. And when it comes to gem-studded jewelry, there are some things you need to take care of to maintain its beauty for a long time. 
• First, keep the jewelry away from harsh cleaners. Instead, use mild soap and water to clean gemstone jewelry pieces.Second, when you are storing the jewelry away for some time, make sure to keep it separate from other jewelry pieces in a cloth padded jewelry box.
• To keep your jewelry safe from scratches, take the jewelry out while you exercise or clean. This way, you can protect your accessories from any accidental hits. 

The best site to buy gem-studded jewelry

When shopping for gemstone jewelry, you want the one thing that cannot be compromised is authenticity, and Rananjay Exports is best in making genuine gem jewels. They have a vast collection of jewelry made in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil, and they deal in wholesale silver gemstone jewelry. You will find a wide variety of designs here, from the classics to the latest innovations. You can also get your gem jewelry customized from them. 

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