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5 ways to improve your website stats and gain better visibility


An ever-increasing number of bloggers has adopted blogging as full-time career. So they need some solid strategies to earn maximum out of their blogs. Regardless of the earning method, you need to build strong stats first. High visibility, improved ranking, and better reach can be achieved by enhancing the domain authority. It is also one of the best ways to create a compelling equation of stats to command respectable prices and attract high network clients. Here are a few actionable tips to Improve website ranking in 2022

Healthy link profile

The first thing is to build a powerful well-defined link profile that clearly defines your niche authority. 

 Some of the major defining factors that build and affect your link profile are incoming links and their respective authority. Likewise, it is also important that the different links are made from different high DA sites instead of having multiple links from the same site. You should also take care that there are no low-quality links as they harm rather than help your link profile. Relevance is another key factor o is considered. For instance, getting links for your IT Company from a pet’s website doesn’t make any sense and can alert Google. So make sure you get links only from relevant sites and through contextual anchor links. 

 Also termed as Off-Page SEO the link profile improvement can gradually help in improving your rank on SERPs as well. 

 One of the most natural and effective ways to attract high-quality links is to create high-value material that naturally attracts the readers and builds credibility. It attracts other websites and prompts them to use your material for building links. For such material, you need deep research before writing any blog post. At the same time, it is also important to add numbers and figures to add a strong layer of trust in your material which multiplies its credibility. 

Make connections with top bloggers of your niche

 No matter how good you are at your niche, as a new w blogger you aren’t popular among audiences or fellow bloggers. So, start by establishing your unique position and building familiarity with other bloggers in the related niches. For that, you need to identify different popular bloggers in your niche and actively reach out to them. Along with introducing yourself, you can also use the opportunity to tell them about your latest’s and relevant blog posts that they can link to in their blog. So start by researching and identifying the posts that share strong relations. 

For instance, if you publish posts on the technical complexities of Blockchain and another well-known blogger has written a detailed post about the major challenges faced by Blockchain that restrict it from mainstream acceptance. In that case, you can send an email to that blogger, introduce yourself and also draw their attention regarding the similarity that their blog post shares with yours. You can thus request to give a natural and contextual link to your blog post. It will certainly help you to Improve website ranking

Optimize your on page SEO

 How well you optimize the material and page with the search engine algorithms and relevant audience intent also determine the domain authority. While SEO is a comprehensive topic, you can start with some baby steps and then scale up gradually. 

Here are different elements that affect your on page SEO:

  • Strategic distribution of Headings like H1, H2, etc.
  • Titles/Descriptions
  • Contextual use of keywords in your posts
  • Optimizing videos, images, and various media elements
  • SEO friendly URL structure and permalinks.
  • Internal linking
  • Contextual use of keywords in your posts
  • Optimize your technical SEO

Technical SEO offers very decent support to your SEO profile and the best hitting is that it isn’t a recurring or ongoing activity. So, it is worth spending some time and effort optimizing your technical SEO. 

  • Add the site to Google Search Console/Bing Webmaster tools
  • Create a well optimized XML sitemap and immediately submit it to Google following the appropriate process
  • Confirm the settings of your robots.txt 
  • Opt for Fetch as Google to make it easier for search engine spiders to smoothly crawl your site 
  • Replace unsafe HTTP with HTTPS  (Google highly favours HTTPS over HTTP)
  • Make it easier for search engines to understand your site’s context by adding schema or structured data
  • Use well-defined breadcrumb menu across all pages of your site
  • Double check your site’s language if it is bilingual

Speed up your page loading process across all devices

 Speed is the most crucial factor for any website. Even the best-designed website with high-quality blog posts fails to attract the audiences or create any impact if it doesn’t load fast. Research shows that a delay of 3 seconds in loading a webpage may be enough to annoy the visitors and send them to another website. It not only increases the bounce rate but also compels your visitors to open another site.  This way you wouldn’t be able to build good traffic and may even lose some of the regular visitors to your competitors or other sites. So speed up your site. Start by testing your website loading speed on relevant tools. If it is slow then you can increase speed by minifying the images, using neat code, removing unnecessary elements like white space from your codes, and using speed-friendly themes. It is equally important to limit the use of apps and delete the ones that occupy a huge space. Also, make sure that you use SSD instead of conventional HDD as SSD operates on an advanced mechanism that helps in increasing your speed by 300 %. 


Whether you want to earn from ads or sponsored posts, you need to put into the right efforts to Improve website ranking. In this post, we mentioned some of the best ways to enhance the ranking and boost the vital stats of your blog. Along with your manual efforts you might also buy SEO software to automate the optimization tasks. It will help you easily convince the high potential clients by showing them strong and relevant stats


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