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Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Noise Cancelling Earbuds


Your premium earbuds won’t last long if you fail to take proper care of them. Although, they don’t require heavy maintenance except the thorough cleaning once a week and some time off from being into action. This blog will help you understand how you can take proper steps to clean your earphones and make the most of your excellent ear gear. We will begin with the best tips that will extend the shelf life of your premier Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

Cleaning your noise-canceling earbuds regularly.

Earbuds also require cleaning maintenance, just like your smartphone. Giving your earphones a thorough clean once a month would ultimately help extend your ear gear’s lifespan. Clean your earpiece using a damp paper towel and ensure the dust doesn’t block the front case. Some earphones(wired or wireless) get so gross and filled with dead skin, ear wax, sebum, etc. The debris and dust accumulated on your earpiece vary from user to user. Usually, this dust gets accumulated when the earpiece isn’t cleaned for a long time. 

Also, when your earphones get sticky, they tend to catch more dirt and will require more frequent cleaning. We recommend you clean your earphones at least once a week so that you can keep unhealthy bacteria at bay. 

Tip: Avoid sucking your earbuds to give them a thorough clean. This might result in damaged drive and protective mesh. 

When your wireless AirPods are meetly clean, they will not only last longer but also will sound better. The earwax or dirt clogged hinders the audio performance. Here’s how you can clean your earbuds:

  • Keep your earbuds dry and fresh with Silica Gel Pack.
  • To make your earbuds germ-free, use Rubbing Alcohol.
  • You can use Soapy Water to remove wax & debris from the outside.
  • Clean your earplug using Soft and Damp Cloth. Because soft cloth will not scratch your device.

The best advice is to keep an eye on your ear gear as the dirt and debris accumulation varies according to the user’s usage. For example, if you use your earphones during gym time, you need to give them a quick clean after the gym because you must have sweated a lot.

Don’t share your earbuds.

This might sound awkward and nonsense, but the point makes sense in extending the lifespan of your earphones. First of all, sharing means different usage and connectivity to a different device. Frequency connecting to different devices will consume more battery, thus resulting in frequent charging. And frequent charging itself means something is wrong with your device, resultantly hindering your device’s longevity. Secondly, sharing means storing different types of bacteria and ear wax. Some ear contains sticky wax, which is not easy to clean if gathered over your earbuds. Not only will it hamper your gear, but it also will cause some sort of bacteria transmission. 

It is strictly advised not to share your earphones as it will not only harm your device, but your health will also be affected.

Do not overcharge your noise-canceling earbuds.

Once they are fully charged, pull the plug out instantly. Some people have a bad habit of charging thei electronic gear overnight. Doing this hampers the product’s overall performance and hence reduces lifespan. Adopt practices that elongate your product’s durability. For example, having a fixed charging schedule will keep your battery health upto 100%, and your gear won’t cause a single problem in life. 

Keep it off while sleeping.

Well, sleep time gives your ears and AirPods complete rest to regain their energy for the next day. Keeping your AirPods on while sleeping will not only deteriorate your device’s health but will also harm your hearing aid. Moreover, it causes your head to feel a little heavy due to the beats that kept buzzing overnight. 

Keep the moisture at bay.

It doesn’t matter how waterproof your device is, you still need to keep the moisture at bay. Clean your noise-canceling earbuds from inside and out after gym or workouts to keep up with the mechanical strength. 

Store them in the storage case when not in use.

It is recommended to keep your ear gear back to its storage case when not in use. Putting it out will keep discharging your device, which means it won’t work when needed. Also, keeping it here and here increases the chances of losing them. So, never keep your best Bluetooth wireless earphones set off guarded.

Moderate volume

Keeping the volume at a moderate level will go for a lifetime. These tiny pair of speakers aren’t made for playing music loudly. Loud music doesn’t require ear gear in the first place; use speakers instead. Despite causing element damage, it will surely cause you a permanent hearing aid. 
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