Monday, March 27, 2023

Time to Build Your Own Transmission and also Your Own Website


Many people do not know how to rebuild a transmission, let alone build one from scratch, and they will not likely have the time or interest to do so unless they dreamt of being a mechanic. Any car owner who does not wish to pay the high costs of replacing a damaged or worn-out transmission will rely on a specialist mechanic to rebuild their transmission. Building a website is similar to rebuilding a transmission due to how difficult it is. Business owners will need to rely on a website development NJ company like car owners rely on specialists.

Building a website is like building a car’s transmission, thanks to the inner workings of the task. Website creation involves several technical aspects that most people will have trouble understanding. Among them are the following:

  • Writing lines of code
  • Ensuring that the website is protected
  • Using correct structure and graphical elements

Business owners can learn how to build a site on their own, but they also have multiple responsibilities they need to juggle to keep their business afloat and be successful. Allotting time to learn website creation requires business owners to divert their work hours, personal rest hours, or resources to hire in-house IT. These could have otherwise been used to improve the business, destress, or spend on the business’s other needs, respectively.

Outsourcing website creation to a reliable web design company in New Jersey allows business owners to save costs and focus on their core processes. Small businesses will have a functional website to reach out to their target audience and expand their reach.

If business owners opt to build the website themselves, even if they have an in-house staff, there is still a chance that they have a terrible website. Bad sites typically have the following characteristics:

  • Lack of essential web security protocols
  • Broken links
  • Links with malicious redirects
  • Slow page load times
  • No mobile optimization
  • Low-quality SEO content

A bad website is detrimental to a company’s online image and keeps it from appearing in the search engine results pages or SERP. Many bad sites end up going missing and fail to serve their purpose, effectively becoming a waste of money.

In addition to building a site, business owners should also consider hiring outside content writing services in New Jersey. The writers can help small businesses get professional-looking articles to help the pages rank high in the SERP.

For more information, see Landau Consulting’s infographic titled “Time to Build Your Own Transmission and also Your Own Website.”

Time to Build Your Own Transmission and also Your Own Website


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