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Thunderous Smite in 5e


The thunderous smite is a magical ability that lets a player strike at the opponent with a sonic blast. It has the ability to be used by a caster to inflict a wide range of effects from staggering to blinding. In addition to these options, the smite can also be combined with other smites such as the branding smite.

Staggering vs blinding vs staggering

When you use a smite spell, you need to decide between staggering vs blinding. They are both impressive, but each spell has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Staggering Smite is more likely to trigger its condition, while Blinding Smite can give you a lot of damage. Both spells have one important downside: They both cost concentration. This can make them difficult to cast if your party is already full of casters.

The smite spells are split into seven levels. Each level has a special effect that scales with the spell slot you spend. It is also worth noting that these effects may continue after you have used your slot.

The spells have a few other things to offer. One effect, for example, is a chance to banish creatures from other planes. Another is a bonus to your attack roll, which can be useful if you are attacking a foe with poor Constitution. These spells are not very common.

Radiant damage in branding smite

Radiant damage can be a powerful weapon, but it can be resisted by some creatures. Some undead creatures are immune to the damage, while others are more prone to the effects of radiant damage.

Branding Smite is a spell that can be used to deal damage to many creatures. It is a second level evocation spell.

The spell casts a beam of dim light on the target, causing them to become visible. Branding Smite also adds 2d6 radiant damage to the next attack made with a weapon. This is a useful spell for those who are interested in dealing more damage with a melee weapon.

Radiant damage is one of the most effective types of damage, but it is resisted by some creatures. Many undead are not vulnerable to it, and a few demons and shadow creatures can be resistant to it.

Most Radiant damage spells are only available to Paladins or Clerics. However, there are some other classes with access to Radiant damage spells.


Thunderous Smite is an offensive spell for Paladins. It combines the effects of a ranged weapon attack and the deafening sound of thunder. The attack knocks the target prone and deals 2d6 thunder damage.

At higher levels, it can be used to push creatures 10 feet away. However, the effect doesn’t occur every time. Instead, it’s an option that requires a bonus action to cast.

If you want to recast the spell later in the round, you need to concentrate. You can’t use the spell more than once per round, and you must cast it at least one round before using your melee attack.

As with most spells, the damage increases as you level. For example, at the first level, the smite spell does 2d6 damage to a creature. Each level after that adds an additional 1d6.

This is a relatively small amount of damage, but it is significant. Besides, it’s not always easy to land a hit with a melee weapon, so you should be careful when you cast this spell.

Combining divine smite with other smites

When you combine Divine Smite with other smites, you’ll find that you’re dealing a lot more damage. However, you’ll also have to consider the tradeoffs that come along with it. You’ll want to make sure that you’re clear on the weaknesses of your party members so that you can make proper use of it.

If you don’t want to cast Divine Smite in the same round as your other attacks, you can always just wait until after the attack. That way, you won’t lose the action bonus you earned by making the first attack.

In addition to the damage from Divine Smite, you’ll also receive bonus damage from any attack that hits you. This is especially helpful if you have a weapon that deals extra damage.

Another smite to consider is Eldritch Smite. This type of smite works with Pact Magic spell slots. The spell is very powerful, but its effects can only be activated once a turn.


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