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Things You Must Know About Cloud CCTV Security


If you are preparing for the success of your business, it is time to start switching from on-premises hardware to the cloud when it comes to computing needs. The cloud allows you to have access to more applications, helps in easy content management, and improves data accessibility.

Some people are still skeptical about switching to cloud CCTV video surveillance for security reasons. But if you choose a reliable cloud service provider, you can keep your data safe with the highly secure cloud services and be at ease. Let us find out more about cloud security.

What is Cloud Video Surveillance?

Cloud video surveillance, in simple words, means all the CCTV footage will be cloud-based. It will be delivered as a service over the internet. Video surveillance tools were used as a tool for preventing crime. Nowadays, the applications have gotten more diverse. With time, the customers’ needs and requirements keep changing and evolving, so is the video surveillance delivery. Read how cloud video surveillance is going to benefit you.

Benefits of Cloud Video Surveillance for Security Professionals

Cloud security is a win-win for both the security professionals and their customers at the same time. Let us start by talking about some of its benefits: –

Reduced Risk of Data Loss 

Firstly, having cloud CCTV security will save the video footage to the cloud. That means in case the recorders gets damaged due to whatever reason, you will still be able to access the videos as it is backed up in the cloud. Some cloud providers even provide you with an additional source to store the footage locally.

System’s Health Monitoring 

Cloud video surveillance systems warn you about issues with the system components or video feeds. You might get this feature in the traditional video systems, but it is more complex to set up. With the cloud systems, you will be notified immediately if the camera goes offline. It thus helps in decreasing the downtime. That means an increase in overall security.

Increased Cyber Security

Cloud surveillance ensures data protection for both the data in transit and rest. Here, there is no need for port forwarding. Thus, eliminating a vector of threats. Hardware-dependent surveillance is costly and gets outdated with months or years of deployment. Cloud video surveillance uses the financial data protection standard to protect and encrypt the data.

Resolution Improvement

There has been a considerable improvement in the bandwidth of cloud-based video surveillance. Now, you can get much better video resolutions which means clearer video footage. It will even eliminate the need for the security system owners to upgrade to existing hardware for better resolutions.

Access Anytime and Anywhere

As long as you have a strong internet connection, you can access the video footage anytime and at all places. It is one of the best features of cloud surveillance as, in the past, there was a need for physical access to the security system to view the footage. With cloud surveillance, you will not have to go anywhere.

Centralized Viewing System

If you have a business and have CCTV systems in multiple places of your workplace to check on everything, it can get hard to view your footage with traditional DVRs. Even if it is possible, there will be a need for port forwarding that brings certain security problems. By connecting the CCTV to the cloud, you can view the footage from different sites on one platform. It allows effective monitoring and makes things easy and simple.

How to Store CCTV Footage in the Cloud?

The connected cameras will upload the video footage instantly to the remote server. From there, you can view the videos anytime and share them as your will. Most people store the video of footage for about thirty videos, but there is flexibility. You can archive the videos as long as you need. Some cameras can upload the recorded footage directly to the cloud. Cloud integration doesn’t mean that you will have to replace your old CCTV setup. Most of the cameras and recorders are compatible with cloud storage. You can seek help from experienced service providers for cloud surveillance, fiber internet installation, etc.


Have you made your mind about changing to CCTV cloud surveillance? If yes, you have made the right decision. You can get in touch with TeleData ICT for high-quality internet video, cloud CCTV or Restaurant video security services.


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