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The Holistic Sanctuary treatment for addiction


The term “holistic” refers to treatment that focuses on the health of a person as a whole. Treatment methods in a holistic program provide a comprehensive approach to healing.

Holistic drug and alcohol rehab programs teach participants how to protect all areas of their health: mind, body, and spirit. These programs focus on healing each of these areas to help people stop using drugs or alcohol.

In many cases, holistic rehabilitation programs are considered alternative types of treatment because they don’t follow the traditional model, which focuses on psychotherapy, 12-step programs, and other support groups. Instead, holistic rehab centers focus on addressing the individual as a whole, working on the mind-body-spirit connection to heal people from addiction. Some traditional addiction treatment centers also incorporate holistic treatment methods.

Treatment Options in Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In general, rehabilitation programs that incorporate holistic techniques carefully consider an integrated physical, mental, and spiritual model to build a comprehensive treatment regimen for substance use disorders.

Several of these techniques are also classified as alternative or complementary treatments, some of which are based on practices that stem from cultural traditions. These include the following:

nutritional therapy

A healthy body is a key aspect of recovery from addiction. Helping recovering addicts focus on proper nutrition provides tangible healing. Recovering addicts can start over and give their bodies the nutrition they need to overcome their addiction.

Exercise and recreational therapy

Daily exercise can help create a routine, relieve stress, and strengthen the body. Exercise is an important part of many Holistics Treatment Center. Activities vary from center to center, but some offer rock climbing, canoeing, horseback riding, or hiking.


To overcome their addiction, recovering addicts must be clear-headed. Guided meditation is an important part of many holistic treatment programs. Many centers also offer yoga and tai chi as meditative practices to help residents increase focus and clarity of mind.

massage and acupuncture

To help relieve stress and relax the body, massage is often used in holistic treatment therapy. Acupuncture is also used to help restore balance to an addict’s body after a long period of substance abuse.

The most effective holistic recovery programs are based on traditional addiction treatment methods. Managing withdrawal symptoms when stopping alcohol and other central nervous system (CNS) depressants often requires medical supervision.

Common techniques that are combined with holistic methods include:

  • medically assisted detoxification
  • Comprehensive medical care
  • Personalized mental health counseling

Many recovering addicts also attend 12-step groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous for emotional support.

Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatments

Almost everyone can benefit from the help of a holistic rehab center. The only requirement to attend is a willingness to get sober.

Most holistic addiction rehab programs offer some of the same treatment options as traditional programs, while offering additional benefits. For example, like traditional programs, holistic rehabilitation programs have trained therapists on staff to offer daily group and individual therapy sessions, as well as offer on-site support groups.

Some features, such as the detoxification process, may be carried out differently in rehab centers with a holistic approach. For example, detox at a holistic rehab center may not include medication to relieve uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to the standard features of rehab, holistic addiction rehab programs may also emphasize the features of rehab:

  • Organic and all-natural meal plans to improve physical health and address any nutritional deficiencies due to addiction.
  • Physical activities such as cycling, hiking, climbing or swimming.
  • Meditation sessions and exercises, such as yoga, tai chi, or prayer sessions.
  • Complementary therapy, such as massage or acupuncture.
  • Alternative types of effective psychotherapy, such as art, music, or animal-assisted therapy.
  • Picturesque places in the mountains or by the ocean or a lake.

How to find a rehab center that offers holistic treatment

When choosing a treatment program that fits an individual’s needs, it may be best to examine the holistic healing approaches of certain rehabilitation centers and obtain a full clinical evaluation to understand which conditions will be the focus of treatment.

An assessment will help determine the duration of substance abuse, the extent of it, whether a person needs detoxification, identify any nutritional deficiencies or co-occurring substance use or mental health disorders, and more.

Knowing the full scope of treatment needs is important to getting the right care and building a program that fits individual needs.

Holistic Rehab Center provide a full clinical evaluation before treatment begins so that a holistic program can be designed to meet individual needs.

Whichever rehab center a person chooses, it is important that it provides excellent quality of care, a variety of treatment methods, and a welcoming and peaceful healing environment.


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