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The factors into consideration of choosing a lubricant


Lubrication is vital but it may turn out to be a complex task. Every piece of equipment that moves needs to be lubricated. When you are planning to avail the services of lubricant oil companies in India numerous factors come to your mind that adds to the confusion levels. How fast the equipment moves, is it hot or cold are vital before you go ahead and choose a lubricant. Below are a few fundamentals that you need to consider before you choose a lubricant. Even if you have gone on to make a decision the below information will be of considerable help

What are the components in a lubricant?

In a lubricant you may think that there are not a lot of components. Though to the base oil there are various types of additions. The choice of the ingredients is deliberate that depends upon how the oil is to be used. Most people are not even aware that grease is an oil with thickeners added. Each type of thickener does have their own pros and cons more so having to do with water resistance and heat resistance.


So as to understand what the lubricant means there are a few terminologies that you need to be aware

  • Viscosity- it would mean how resistant or thick the grease or flow of the oil is. Higher the viscosity indicates superior flow resistance
  • Weight- the weight also has a relation on how vicious an oil is. It indicates the temperature at which it is going to flow.

How easy it is to use

Lubricant companies in India lay emphasis on the fact that two oils are not used in the same way. The application method would be fully dependent upon your preferences. For an accessible gear box a grease oil can be applied. But in regions that are hard to reach an automatic dispenser is to be used that needs to be refilled every six months. If you are planning to purchase lubricants then it is better to consult a reputed vendor.


The lubricants are known to have  life span and once it is over you need to replace them. Failure to do so will lead to downtime and higher expenses. The problem may not seem that much obvious till it is going to occur. An effective way to track down the life span of the lubricant is to figure out the operating temperatures. Even a rise of 10 degree in temperatures is bound to reduce its life span by half.

Since like most things in life you are going to get what you end up paying. To arrive at the cost of the lubricant do not consider the cost of the container. You have to take that number and compare it to the downtime or loss of product. in short all production facilities are dependent upon lubricant for their day to day operations. You have to take into consideration that all lubricants are not developed equally.


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