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The Crying Cat Meme


The Crying Cat Meme is a popular photo of a white cat in front of a computer. This picture has been widely circulated online, with several hundred versions being created in the last few years. The original image was a very sad and gloomy one, and some people took it a step further by photoshopping the cat’s eyes into a new image. The images of the cats are now ubiquitous, and the original photo is a viral sensation.

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The “Crying Cat” is a photo of a gray kitten with glassy tears smeared across its face. This image was not the original, but it was a retouched version of another popular photo of a cat. The meme became wildly popular on the internet and was first uploaded to Reddit’s r/sadcats subreddit in June of 2014. It has since spread to Twitter, and is now a classic of the world of social media.

The “Crying Cat” meme is a reaction image to the popular picture of a kitten giving a thumbs up. The image was first posted on an image board in Germany called pr0gramm and gained massive popularity within 3 years. In addition to Reddit, many others began posting the picture and it gained huge popularity on sites such as Facebook and 4chan. It was then uploaded to Twitter and spread to other social media sites.

While the original version of the image was posted on a German image board, it was later modified to become more popular on other sites. The most popular version of the image appeared on r/sadcats in June 2015, and spread rapidly across Reddit and Twitter. This photo has received over 1700 points and a 99% upvote rate, making it one of the most widely shared images on the web.

The Crying Cat image first appeared on April 9, 2015 on the German image board pr0gramm, and gained widespread popularity within three years. The first images were photoshopped onto a “serious cat” and soon spread across social media. This version of the meme has also been widely circulated on Facebook and Twitter. The video was uploaded by IMAdumbgirl and has now been viewed over a million times. The videos are hilarious and have made the Internet a better place to live.

The Crying Cat meme was first created on April 9th, 2015. The image is an image of a gray kitten with glassy eyes. The meme was originally created by an anonymous user and has since become a popular part of social media. The original image was uploaded by IMAdumbgirl and has over 1700 points. In July of this year, it became popular on Reddit as the “Thumbs Up Crying Cat” is the sister of the “Crying Cat” meme.

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Aside from the Crying Cat image, another version of the meme is the Thumbs Up Crying Cat. It was first posted in Germany on the image board pr0gramm on April 9th, 2015. It quickly spread on Reddit and Twitter and received over 1700 upvotes. This version of the meme is a gif of a gray kitten holding a thumb up. The picture is a gif of a cat with a thumbs up.

The original Crying Cat image is an image of a small gray kitten with glassy eyes. It is often used as a response to situations of extreme sadness, while the thumbs up version represents a situation of utter bittersweetness. In June 2019, the popular Crying CAT meme appeared on the German subreddit r/sadcats. This picture quickly gained popularity on the internet. It is widely distributed on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

While the Crying Cat image originated in 2014, the “Thumbs up” version was first posted on Reddit in July 2019. The first version of the meme was created by an anonymous user and was the most popular one of all. It has since spread across the internet and became a popular photo on various websites. There are now more than 20 million versions of the meme, so if you’re looking for a specific one, it’s probably online somewhere.

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