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The best games for developing logic on a smartphone


This is a very fun and entertaining game. BrainOut develops thinking, imagination and logic. This application has a lot of logic puzzles and examples with matches, this is when you need, for example, to rearrange one match so that the correct example comes out. Also, with each level, the tasks become more and more difficult.

The game is suitable for children from 5 years old, as well as teenagers. You can download it for free on both Android and IOS systems . You can play only with the Internet.

Master Logic 1;2
And there are already two games with the name “Master of Logic”. The principle and tasks are almost the same in the first part, in the second. But first they created the game Master of Logic 1, when they realized that people liked the game, they created the second part. There are many types of tasks. There are on “What would I do in such a situation? “. Tasks of this type may well come in handy even in real life, as they develop a reaction and speed up the work of the brain, which then helps a lot.

The first part has easier levels that are more suitable for children from 5 to 12 years old. Well, in the second there are already more complex tasks, more suitable for teenagers and adults.
The games are free and can be installed on both Android and IOS systems. You can only play online.

Follow this link to decorate your leisure time for the first week with an Android phone (part 1).

And for this , with an Android phone, spend the second week with benefit (part 2).

And this link is for iPhone/iPad owners to also spend their free time 1st week (part 1).

The same link for the IOS system to have fun and usefully spend the 2nd week (part 2).

Words of Wonders (WoW)
The next toy develops both logic and vocabulary at the same time, and also helps to get to know our planet better. In WoW, you will need to make a lot of words from a certain number of letters. Also, when passing levels, the movement is directed along the map of the most beautiful places on the planet Earth. The game tells about these places, and also gives a link to the Wikipedia site, in case you are interested in this or that place.

WoW can be played from 6 years old, it will be interesting for absolutely everyone. The game is free and can be played offline. Downloadable for Android and IOS .

The game is a bit similar to the above, but this application has its own characteristics. For example, only in it there are tasks with a catch. And there are many such tasks. There are 534 levels in total, each one is harder and harder to pass. The game only works with a Wi-Fi network (without it, you can only complete 2 initial levels). Because of this, ads may appear between levels, but do not rush to remove EasyGame. Since the settings have a function to disable ads, so that nothing prevents you from enjoying the gameplay.

EasyGame can be played by all ages.

On iPhone or iPad, the game can be downloaded for free at the link .

On Android, the free version is here .

This is a very interesting and informative crossword puzzle. Because here you need not just to guess the words, but also to explore the planets. One level consists of 4-10 crossword puzzles, then, every 10 levels, you move to the next planet in the solar system. After passing through the entire solar system, the player is met with a surprise, it is different for everyone. The game only works with a Wi-Fi network. There are very few ads and you can quickly skip them.

The application is free.

It is interesting to play absolutely everyone. You can play with the whole family, for example, in the evenings.

Follow this link to explore the Solar System with an Android phone. And for this one – the same thing, only with a phone on the IOS system.

Brain test 2
Not to be confused with BrainOut! This is a different game and not even a sequel. There are many logic games in Brain Test 2. All tasks are completed as mini-narratives. Therefore, the application is positive. More interesting for children. For adults, it may seem rustic and uninteresting. The game is free, works with a Wi-Fi network. You can download only on Android .

Smart Puzzle
And this game can be called 20 in 1. Ask why? This is because it has 20 logic mini-games. For example: pipes, labyrinth, ropes, blocks, one line and many more. The big plus of this application is that it takes up little memory, and there are a lot of games. Not only that, you may not even know what you love the most, but then choose whatever your heart desires. But only 8 games are open at once. In the process of passing open and the rest. Also, you can always play and complicate the task of the game.

Suitable for all ages, kids, teens and adults. The game is free. Works without Wi-Fi connection. You can download only on Android .

Unblock Ball-Block Puzzle
And this is a logical maze. Here you need to pave the way for the ball, creating it from blocks, so that the ball rolls. There are a lot of levels ranging from the simplest to the most difficult.
Suitable for absolutely any age. Free. Works without internet. It can be downloaded for Android and IOS system .

100 Doors Puzzle
Logic Quest. The player has to go through 100 quests and all of them need to get out of the room. This requires good ingenuity.

The game is suitable for everyone from 7 years old. Works without internet. Installed on both IOS and Android systems .

Logic games for children 3-7 years old
This game is intended only for small users. Develops logic and creativity. The graphics are cool and have a fairy tale plot to make it more interesting for the child to play. For example, you need to help the hedgehog find his way home, and solve 3 puzzles along the way. And so the whole game is done. You can also choose the level of difficulty (easy, medium, difficult and very difficult).

Game for children from 3 to 7 years old. Free. Works without internet. You can download only on Android .


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