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Switching to “remote”: an overview of accessories for working at home


A bed instead of an armchair, your own knees instead of a table, around a mug, plate, paper – a typical portrait of a sudden freelancer. If work has found you at home, and it seems that this is a long time, it’s time to equip your lair for comfortable work.

Whether you torment your back on the bed or huddle in the kitchen at the only table, but working in this mode for a month or longer is a nightmare scenario. It is uncomfortable, harmful to muscles and joints, technique and, of course, the psyche. Psychologists around the world, who now give countless tips on the topic “How to survive in quarantine and not go crazy,” start with the main thing – separate the work area from the rest area, otherwise hello irritation, apathy, depression and other tragic sighs of well-being.

With a strict eye, we choose the most successful and pleasant place for your desktop and confidently remove everything that is currently standing there. It is better if it is not in the living room, where your work interests and the leisure time of the household will surely collide.


We will not steal the only table from the kitchen, it’s time to get your own. On average, the height of the tables is approximately the same – 75 cm, so you can ignore this parameter. First of all, choose a model that is comfortable enough for a computer, speakers or other things you need to work.

A good chair is the key to your productivity and health. And if you can still pick up the table from the dacha, borrow it from a neighbor or put it together yourself, then in terms of chairs we strongly recommend purchasing a good office or gaming chair. And no stools and kitchen chairs! Even if you are not at all pretentious, it is extremely undesirable for your spine to sit on a hard narrow chair without armrests for 8 hours a day.

Only a good office chair will provide you with comfort and relaxation during long work due to the high, elastic back, wide seat, seat height adjustment. If the budget allows, choose models with the maximum number of adjustments, then the chair will literally adjust to your body. The height and rotation of the armrests, backrest tilt, seat height, location of the lumbar and neck pillows can change. And do not forget to pay attention to the maximum allowable weight so that the chair will last you as long as possible.

For the best optimization of the workplace, various stands may come in handy . For example, inclined laptop stands to raise the gadget a little higher and adjust its tilt. Or cooling pads so the laptop can easily endure the sudden rigors of a full day’s work. Special stands-platforms will also help to raise the monitor from a stationary PC.

Fellowes I Spire Series Notebook/Monitor Stand [94723] black

[up to 17 “, plastic]
2 999 *
2In stores: in 1 store

Aceline T-3 laptop table black

[up to 17 “, metal]
2 399 *
267 5
In stores: in 112 stores

Laptop stand Aceline NCIC-1502 black

[up to 15.6″, fans – 2, 1000 rpm, 23 dB, USB hub – 2, metal, plastic]
1 499 *
136In stores: in 228 stores
Your workplace should be well lit. Therefore, if there is not enough light or you are used to staying up late, a table lamp will be useful . Directional light and an adjustable lamp position are best for work – then you can customize the glow for yourself.

Table lamp ERA NLED-440-7W-BK

[7 W, mains powered]

Table lamp Camelion KD-843 C02 black

[13 W, LED, mains powered, dimmable]
The massage pillow will help those who are forced to sit at the computer for a long time or inveterate opponents of charging and warming up their muscles during breaks. This is an electric massager on rollers that gently roll, simulating a manual massage. By the way, it can be used not only for the neck and shoulders, but also for other parts of the body, including the lower back.

Massage cushion CS Medica VibraPulsar CS-cr5

[roller, infrared heating, mains powered, cigarette lighter]
132 3

Massage cushion DEXP MP-10

[roller, battery powered]
1 299 *
58In stores: in 183 stores
Computer Peripherals
Perhaps you weren’t ready for the remote. And that is why the workshops, negotiations with partners took you by surprise. If you are working on a laptop, you most likely won’t need anything else, laptops already have webcams and microphones built in. For a desktop computer, you will have to buy everything.

If image quality is important to you (for example, you have poor light at home or you need to show some documents on video), then pay attention to the resolution of the webcam matrix . Better – from 1-1.3 MP, then the camera will be able to produce HD and Full-HD resolution. It’s great if the camera is equipped with auto focus and backlight, in this case you will be clearly displayed in the frame, and the image will not lose its clarity both when moving and at night.

Webcam Canyon CNS-CWC5

[wired, microphone, 2 MP, 1920 x 1080, USB 2.0]
3 599 *
682 4
In stores: in 243 stores

Logitech HD C525 webcam

[wired, microphone, 2 MP, 1280×720, USB 2.0]
142 4

Logitech HD Pro C920 webcam

[wired, microphone, 2 MP, 1920 x 1080, USB 2.0]
8 999 *
266 9
In stores: in 75 stores
Most of even the most budget cameras are already equipped with a microphone. But if that’s not enough for you, or the webcam is far enough away, and you don’t want to talk loudly, you should get headphones with a microphone . Used to be light – lightweight wireless models with a built-in headset. Prefer a solid approach – covering closed models with a remote, adjustable microphone.

Headphones HyperX Cloud Core KHX-HSCC-BK-BR black
Headphones TWS Elari EarDrops white
Wired headset HyperX Cloud Alpha HX-HSCA-RD black
7 499 *
Headphones TWS JBL TUNE 120 white
Chances are you already have a mouse, keyboard , and pad. But how convenient are they for work? If you type a lot and often, it may be time to change your usual membrane keyboard for advanced mechanics, with which you will work much faster and get less tired. True, keep in mind that mechanical keyboards click quite loudly and can annoy your household.

Wired keyboard QCYBER Zadiak [QC-03-007DV01]

[mechanical Jixian Blue, keys – 104, USB, black]
235 13

Keyboard wired HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical HX-KB1BL1-RU/A5 [HX-KB1BL1-RU/A5]

[mechanical Cherry MX Blue, keys – 104, USB, black]
71 7
Among the mice , the choice is huge: concise office mice, sophisticated gaming mice with backlight; big and small; wired and wireless. But we are primarily interested in software. Mice are good for work with several additional buttons on the body, which you can program for your most frequent tasks: from copy / paste to launching certain programs. This saves a lot of time on regular small operations. We also remember the importance of choosing a mouse according to the size of the brush so that the hand does not get tired during long work. It will also be useful to adjust the sensitivity, then you can adjust the speed of the mouse between games and work, and in all scenarios the rodent will be responsive and comfortable.

Wired mouse A4Tech Bloody V7 black
1 499 *
Wired mouse A4Tech X-718BK black
1 499 *
Wired mouse ZET GAMING Fury black, old packaging
Comfort home
Being at home all the time, working and relaxing in the same space is not so easy. It is unlikely that you will run outside during a home working day to get some fresh air. And since we are now on average less outside, we will have to bring fresh air directly into the house. In addition, the quality of the microclimate directly affects our performance.

The easiest option is to put a humidifier in the work room. It will regulate the humidity in the room and protect against a runny nose, premature fatigue, dizziness and even dust allergies when you constantly sit near a ventilated PC case.

Humidifier LEBERG LH-11

[25 W, 25 m², volume 3.5 l, 330 ml/h, ultrasonic, fragrance, white]
246 3

Humidifier Scoole SC HR UL 01

[23 W, 20 m², volume 3.4 l, 350 ml/h, ultrasonic, white]
43 3
A more advanced option is a climate station . This is a device that combines the properties of a purifier and a humidifier. Depending on the types of built-in filters, it can purify the air from dust, street gases, allergens. Climate stations with a photocatalytic filter based on UV lamps are able to disinfect a room even from viruses and microbes. This is especially true if you are at home with the whole family and everyone breathes the same air.

Climatic complex Honeywell CS10XE black

[100 W, 150 m², display, ionization, charcoal filter, remote control]
29 999 *
20In stores: in 4 stores

Climatic complex Royal Clima BREZZA RCB 150 white

[48 m², ionization, charcoal filter, remote control]
If you like to keep your finger on the pulse of events all the time, then less likely to be distracted by news reports, search engines, weather forecasts and exchange rates, a smart column will help . This is a voice assistant and a speaker in one device. She recognizes voice commands: she will quickly answer any question, put on the right song, tell you the latest news, or even just chat with you and tell a joke if you get bored and have no one to talk to.

Smart speaker Yandex Station Mini, white

[3 W, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 4.2, Alice voice assistant]
4 999 *
1345 2

Smart speaker LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7Y , black

[30 W, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 4.0, Alice voice assistant]
9 050 *
111 2
In stores: in 16 stores
And remember that the most important recipe for productive remote work is adherence to the regime. A warm bed, a cozy kitchen and a lot of household chores discourage you, and it can be difficult to tune in to a working mood. Agree with loved ones that during working hours you are “out” in the same way as if you were in the office. And agree with yourself: get up on an alarm clock, help yourself with drawing up a daily plan, be sure to separate the workspace. And do not forget that even such trifles as changing clothes from home pajamas to a suit are already mobilizing, setting the brain and psyche to a working wave.


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