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Summon a Beast Sense 5e Spell to Perceive Through Your Creatures’ Senses


Beast Sense is a 5e skill that allows the user to interact with the natural world around them. This includes speaking to plants, scouting an area, finding animals or plants in a dungeon, summoning a beast, or healing a creature that’s damaged by a spell or magic item. The caster can also address blindness, deafness, or a lack of darkvision.

Summon a beast

Summon a beast sense 5e spell allows you to perceive through your creatures’ senses. This is a one-hour duration spell, and requires concentration. Unlike most other spells, this one does not require a bonus action, but it does require a spell slot.

In addition to giving you the ability to see through your animal’s eyes, you can use this ability to attack your enemy without needing a bonus action. Beasts can attack from the same area as you, and when they reach 20 feet, they can charge. They are also susceptible to chaotic attacks.

The stat block on your summoned creature is based on your ability score, but it has a weapon attack instead of STR. You can also give your creature temporary hit points. These hit points are added to your ability checks, saving throws, and other abilities.

Scout an area

The scout has an assortment of skills at his command, ranging from basic combat to high-end archery. This gives him an advantage over a solitary warrior, but he’ll need a bit of help to keep up with the competition. Luckily, his animal companion can augment his capabilities, whether it be in battle or on the scouting trail. Aside from assisting with tracking and scouting, a beast master may want to enlist his hound in the fray.

Using a large predatory animal as a scout provides a distinct advantage in battle. Not only can the scout be trained to perform tricks unseen by humans, but their size will elicit the attention of any savage armed with a blade.

Find animals or plants in a dungeon

If you have ever spent any amount of time inside a dungeon, you have undoubtedly encountered an animal or two. You may even have been lucky enough to be able to talk to one. But how do you go about acquiring the information you need to save your life or your sanity? For starters, you could use Beast Sense and its myriad variations to get an animal’s oh-so-human tales from one floor to the next. However, not every monster room in your dungeon is a candidate for the good stuff. This is where a magic trick like Revivify comes into play.

Not only is it a good idea to find out how to revivify a dead animal, you should also check out what plants can tell you about the surroundings you’re about to explore. A plant’s eyes are not blind, after all, and their sexy little selves are capable of providing the oh-so-important details about the terrain you’re traversing.

Speak with plants

The Beast Sense may be the latest and greatest in a long line of beasts, but it’s not the first name on the block when it comes to interesting character interaction. A lot of the time the DM is more concerned with the nitty gritty of the combat. So, a lot of the snooty stuff gets left in the dust. Fortunately, this is not a problem if you are well prepared. In fact, the DM might even award you the kudos for being the best player in your faction. As a reward for your valiant efforts, you are rewarded with a one night stay at the mansion of your choice.


There are a few good spells to use in 5e to help with your beast sense. One of them is called RevivifyPHB. It gives you extra movement and a 10 foot bonus to a single action. This is a very useful spell for slow races. Another good one is LongstriderPHB.

A ranger will not have as many spell slots as a full caster. Luckily, they can still perform a ritual to deal with a deafness or blindness, or to get information about a dungeon. These ritual spells are better than spellcasting. However, these are also situational, so you should not rely on these spells all the time.


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