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Ruby Stone Prices – Factors That Affect Value 


Have you ever wondered what sets the price of a ruby stone? This guide will provide insight into the parameters that influence the cost and rarity of ruby stones. From understanding what makes them valuable to learning about their beauty, you’ll get all your questions answered about this precious gem.

Color and Clarity 

The color and clarity of a ruby stone can dramatically affect its price. The finest rubies are usually clear and in shades of red with subtle hints of purple and orange hues. Ruby stones that have a brownish or purplish hue will be less expensive than ones that have a vibrant shade of red. Similarly, if the ruby has any visible inclusions, it is typically considered to be lesser quality and will cost less than those with excellent transparency.

Cut and Shape.

While polished stones are the most popular of all ruby shapes, cut is equally important. Rubies are cut into various shapes depending on their intended purpose. Well-cut stones will maximize the stone’s clarity and brilliance and thus increase their value. The most common cuts include round, oval, cushion, emeralds, princess (square), pear, octagon, and marquise. Fancy shapes such as stars and hearts can also be used for special occasions.

Carat Weight.

The carat level is one of the main factors that affect a ruby’s price per carat. Carat weight is not an indication of quality, but it does indicate rarity and therefore will influence the price. Generally speaking, the more carats a ruby has, the more valuable and rare it is. A 1-carat ruby may cost approximately $1,500 per carat, whereas smaller stones can cost up to $4,000 per carat.

Bonafide certification 

A bonafide certification is necessary for ruby stones in order to validate the quality, color and clarity. The higher the quality, rarity and intensity of a stone’s color, the more costly it is. For example, rubies that are certified by GIA or AGSL often have higher premiums than uncertified stones since they are verified to be natural rubies with better qualities. It is important to look into certified rubies in order to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Origin Country/Region

The geographical origin of your ruby can greatly influence its value and price. Rubies from particular countries or regions around the world tend to be much more sought-after than those from elsewhere. For instance, Burmese rubies are considered some of the most valuable gems on earth due to their highly saturated hue, perfect clarity and lack of treatments. Thus, it is important to take into consideration the origin country/region when looking for a beautiful and rare gemstone with a fair price tag.

last thoughts

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