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Rising Trends in Custom CBD Packaging 2022


Whether it is health industry, tobacco industry or cosmetic industry, these days people are becoming dependent on CBD products day by day. As CBD products are prevailing in the society everywhere due to their high usage but still, cannabidiol products are legalized in only some states. Keeping in view the growing usage of CBD products the manufactures are paying special attention to stand out their products on the retail shelf. They are struggling to compete in terms of their quality and CBD packaging.

To achieve the competitive edge, Cannabis and CBD packaging is gearing towards new trends like transparent, eco-friendly, child resistant, brand recognition, contour and content packaging with alluring designs. Producers of these cannabidiol products must follow the regulations and guidelines to stay on top of these trends. They are focusing on using such Custom CBD Boxes which can reconcile with these market leading trends. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Compliance with Regulations and Requirements

Although CBD products are in high demand but still manufacturers have to focus on their compliance with regulations and requirements while mentioning their information on the packaging. Custom CBD boxes must fulfill labelling requirements in terms of potency, testing claims, cannabis edible regulations, child resistant packaging trends and child resistant packaging regulations.

Correct Potency Statement

It must be written in bold, framed and not smaller than 10-point font. This font must be twice bigger than information of ingredients.

Testing Claims

Besides, potency tested claims regarding medicinal or marijuana must be mentioned on custom CBD boxes to meet the labelling requirements.

Cannabis Edible Regulations

As edible marijuana comes in form of gummies so these cannot be produced in the shape of celebrities, comic characters, cartoon characters, fruits or animals. But their logos can acquire any shape.

To follow child resistant regulations manufacturers are introducing child resistant caps and lock in the packaging to keep them secure from kids. Like different vapes in custom E-Cigarette boxes are coming with sleek designs having child locks in them.


As CBD products are fragile and sensitive in nature so they need to be carried in such a way that their natural ingredient must not be damaged. Their custom CBD boxes must need to be prepared with durable and sturdy material to protect their shape and exclusivity. For example, CBD oils and e-liquid for e-cigarettes vapes are contained in glass jars. Whether Custom E-Cigarette Boxes are having e-cigs vape or custom boxes are having CBD oil jar, their packaging must be done with corrugated or rigid material so that it can secure its leakage and breakage during shipping hazard.

Freshness Protection

Custom CBD boxes must be prepared in such a material as it can secure the freshness of CBD products. OBT Packaging make customized boxes possessing stiff surface from inside out to keep the CBD products safer for longer time.

Design Elements

Like any other product packaging CBD packaging is also allured with unique designs, shapes with clean edges and high-grade graphics to attract the customer on retail shelf. Using glamorous printing expressions can add more attractiveness to their exclusivity.


Elegant CBD packaging is necessary but it is not necessary that it needs to be expensive as well. Whatever packaging solution you are using it needs to be cost-efficient. Because it has direct effect on maintaining your retail price. If your product cost, operational cost or shipping cost is higher than it can result in altering your retail cost. And high retail cost will deteriorate your competitive edge in terms of pricing. So, to compete with your professional rivals it is necessary to maintain your packaging cost.


As, customers are more aware of environmental impact and social responsibility so they prefer those brands. Which have used sustainable, eco-friendly and biodegradable custom boxes in their packaging. Customers are attracted to those brands which have multifunctional custom boxes and can be recycled later.

Brand Recognition

For the success of any business strong branding is very necessary. To achieve this brands work on their product’s quality, its marketing, cost-effective sustainable and stylish packaging and corporate social responsibility, all these factors help to achieve positive brand image among the masses. Your positive and strong brand image leads you to have credibility in the society. Hence, customer’s buying behavior is influenced by your strong image and you will be able to capture quite a market share from the retail shelf.

Product Visibility

These days to stand out your product in the market CBD manufacturers are focusing on product visibility. Whether it is through marketing or through unique designs. Brands use captive slogans printed on custom boxes as their logos which make them identifiable to the customers. Also, by using memorable packaging solutions and sleek and stylish designs like cut out window and sleeve style. You can make your product visible to the customers. When they are able to see their product look inside the see-through custom CBD boxes. Then their trust on brand increases and this credibility increases make you exclusive among other brands. Their exclusiveness and uniqueness grab their attention boost the sales of your CBD product.

Being Transparent and Showing Up Sourcing

These days customers attracted towards those brands who are transparent about their products. Customers gauge the credibility of CBD companies from the content and label of their package. So, business owners must use seductive logos and brand names while making the boxes for CBD products. Also, they must write nutritional info, ingredients, and a QR law on their package by abiding by all the state and civil regulations.

Recreational Packaging

These days manufacturers and producers are printing silly word play like stoned and munchies after the medicinal evidences. They do so because they know the cannabis perception in the society. They want to break the stereotypes by proving them wrong with their medical evidences. So, they create such packaging which creates fun and recreation to give it a lighter mode.

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