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Reading corner: ideas for settling in


Reading is one of the most enjoyable pastimes, provided you are well settled. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a bookcase, but a reading nook can be made in a very small space. Let your self be stimulated by all of the locations in your property wherein you sense good. So, whether in your living room or your bedroom, your reading corner should invite you to relax and let your imagination soak up the book. This relaxation area is an important place for adults, but also children. It allows us to escape, recharge our batteries, and take time to read. Here are ideas for getting settled in. If you need to get well mastermind and beautified rooms get luxury apartments in Lahore.

A retro reading nook

Bet on a vintage or retro look to devour Proust’s madeleine. A retro armchair, a crochet plaid, and a mottled 1950s piece of furniture will bring warmth and comfort to this little reading corner. This resolutely retro style will take you back to your childhood memories with your grandparents. You can also use this space for your creative hobbies: knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc.

When the residing room turns into a studying corner

If you love books to lose your mind like me, you can also decide to use the living room as a reading corner. By putting cabinets above a massive cushy couch or as a setting apart element, you may deliver some other size in your residing room: cocooning, warm, in short, an area wherein you need to bask in reading.

Reading on the sofa

With the new Vallentuna modular sofas, it is possible to create cozy corners in the family living room. Use the nook of your room to put in a nice studying nook via way of means of putting the meridian element blanketed with a comfortable plaid, a studying lamp, and a small desk on which to position your books.

A reading corner with a beautiful library

Choosing a beautiful bookcase or shelf will showcase your books and reserve space for reading. Decorate the vicinity with a toad chair, and you’ll have a pleasing studying corner. A beautiful shelf can help you structure the space or room you place it.

A reading corner in the kitchen: it’s possible!

Any place where you feel good can become a reading corner. Why not the kitchen? After all, you can spend hours leafing through cooking books or magazines, so why not make yourself comfortable. Use your island’s back or the side to store your cookbooks, travel books, or any other book that you enjoy reading in your kitchen.

A transition among the living room and kitchen

A kitchen-backed bookshelf can allow you to create a connection between the living room and your open kitchen. This place of transition will become your space of relaxation thanks to a bench, a meridian, or a pouf.

An unusual headboard

If you like reading well wedged in your pillows at night before falling asleep in your room, here is the solution. Place invisible shelves around your bed to put your favorite books: original headboard guaranteed! There is no need to get up to read a book right out of bed, even on Sundays.

A space of discovery for children

The reading corner for kids is a actual area for discovery. Putting the books at children’s height will allow them to touch, to give free rein to their imagination. A small low cabinet can be enough to create a place conducive to discovery. You can buy it or make it simply by decorating it in the colors of his room or his favorite hero!

The reading corner is a secret hiding place.

Think about your reading, hidden under a duvet or the bed with a flashlight. Your kids dream of a mystery hiding area to study their favored books. To create this magical reading corner, opt for a fabric teepee, a tent, or even a bed canopy, inside which you can slip many cushions a blanket so that they can settle in comfortably and dream for time.


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