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Ramanagara Trek: A First Timer Guide



Ramnagara is located outside of Bangalore.There are so many silk markets. In previous years it was called closepet. Ramanagara hill is known as silicon.

There are seven hills in Ramanagara. All the hills are so big and beautiful. The nature of Ramanagara is so amazing. Maharaja Balwant Singh, the ruler of Ramanagara. He ruled Kashi also. Ramanagara hills are so famous in Karnataka. People go there to see the Beauty of their hills. The hills are full of mountains.

Top Things To Do In Ramanagara 


It is a very famous spot in Ramanagara for one day outing. Here the Cauvery river passed. It is famous for goats. The best part of Mekedatu is that it is a very beautiful spot for tourists.

Sholay Shooting Hilltop

The famous sholay film was shot in Ramanagara and people come there to see this hilltop. It is a very beautiful spot to see. It is a tourist spot after the shooting. People come there to visit this famous spot.

SRS hill

It is famous for its hilltop temple. It is also famous for its perfect spot for  rock climbing. There you can enjoy the other valley views at the top of the hills.

Navaneetha Krishna Temple

This is a very ancient temple of lord Krishna. It is a famous Radha Krishna temple in Ramanagara. This temple is designed in an old culture. It is one of the most famous temples in Channapatna. 


It is a famous forest in Ramanagara. It is famous for kadu. We can make vegetables from kadu. a very big forest full of kadu. It is a very ancient forest in Ramanagara.

Ramadevara Betta Hills

Ramadevara Betta hills is an attractive hill in Ramanagara. We climb upto 200 to 300 steps to reach the top of the hills. On the way there are some small temples and one most beautiful temple.

Anthargange Hills

It is situated in Kolar district of Karnataka. The hill is filled with lots of mountains. The best time to visit this hill is October to March. You have to reach 200 steps to visit the temple. The trek is so hard to climb on rock and there are so many boulders.Tourists are allowed to be careful there and especially for kids because there are so many rocks and boulders.


It is situated 60 km in Bangalore off the Magadi road India. It is a very beautiful place to visit for youngsters. The visit time to Savandurga is in January. Savandurga trek is difficult if you are a beginner and also a long trek. 

Best Time To Visit Ramanagara

March to June is the best time to visit Ramanagara. This is the perfect time to visit this beautiful place. This time period you can feel so comfortable because of the temperature. Winter season starts in October and ends in the month of February. Winter season is so cool. There are so many activities you can enjoy in the winter season. 

Things to carry

Head Torch

The torch helps you to see at night. Many people travel at night so the torch helps you to see at night.


You can carry two to three pairs of clothes. It is a winter place so you can carry some jackets and sweaters.

Toiletries Items

Some Toiletries items you can carry with you Like- soap, brush, Toilet paper, paste, shampoo e.t.c. 

Water bottle

A water bottle to carry with you will help you a lot. 

Rain cover

Sometimes heavy rainfall falls here. The rain cover helps you to cover yourself.


You can carry some caps with you. These caps help you in winter. 

Extra pack of socks and shoes

Common things you know

Ramanagara Hills is a very famous trek in Bangalore. It is a very perfect destination in Bangalore. People gave it the nickname of the silk city. There are so many hills to visit, some are so beautiful. There are seven hills in Ramanagara. All the hills are so good to see.


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