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Prophecies of End of Time


The first sign is that a period of enormous deceit is approaching. We are now living in a deceptive epoch. Our adversary, Satan, has placed persons in positions of power in politics, the media, and education. They are spreading ideas and falsehoods that bring civilization to a new low. The adversary is on a mission to deceive and manipulate people’s thoughts.

The second prophecy concerns those who will arrive professing to be the Messiah. This warning is, without a doubt, a product of our time. Many have already come, declaring themselves as saviors. And claiming to be the only ones who know how to solve the world’s issues.

The third prophesy speaks of a beast emerging from the soil. He’ll be a lamb with two horns, but he’ll speak like a dragon. On his behalf, he will wield all the first beast’s authority. And the world and its inhabitants will worship the first beast, whose mortal wound will heal.

Even though this guy, also known as the False Prophet, would display amazing and miraculous wonders. Including sending fire to descend from heaven to earth, we must dismiss such signs and stick to what God’s Word teaches.

Early warning signals include deception, false leaders, conflicts, and revolutions. The country will rise against the nation, and the kingdom will rise against the kingdom, as Jesus said. The number of people who perished in the First World War is estimate to be 31,508,200. The total number of people that died during World War 2 was 52,199,262. In the twentieth century, only the two global wars claimed the lives of about 83 million individuals.’

According to the Lord, not only will there be battles but also revolutions. “revolutions” derives from the Greek word “Akatastatos.” It refers to a stable or established situation. We are in the mid of a revolution against the world’s establish political system.

There are predictions of earthquakes, famines, and pestilences following the early symptoms. Many people will die because of famines and plagues, among other signals of the end of time.

According to Jesus, the closer the world goes to the end of the era, the more wars, revolutions, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes will occur. Just as a woman’s contractions get increasingly intense, the amount of agony, sorrow, disease, and death will increase. The conflicts and revolutions will be brutal, with many lives lost.

It will be cut short when our Lord Jesus appears. He will return for those who belong to Him. It is past time to ensure that we are people of Christ so that we will not be embarrassed by His arrival when He comes. We should be looking forward to Christ’s return. All who understand that He holds all world events in His hands, as well as individual lives, are filled with confidence and calm.

These are the list of end time prophecies in the bible, but we should remember that God states that he would pour out his Spirit in the final days on everyone. Your children will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your elders will dream dreams. In those days, God will pour out his Spirit on every one of his servants. Both men and women, and they will prophesy.

What Are the Signs That the End of Time is Near?

The world we live in is a test, and we will see the outcomes of our actions on the Day of Judgment. Almost everyone wants to enter Paradise and enjoy a blissful, eternal existence. However, a person must have solid faith, do good, and refrain from harmful activities.

Everyone has a certain amount of time on this planet, and everyone will die and face resurrection on Judgment Day. People only live for a set number of years, and most of a nation’s population lives according to the expected life expectancy rate. Their good or evil conduct determines the question. Whether a person goes to Heaven or Hell throughout their lifetime on Earth.

If a person has committed a wrongdoing. They have time to repent and seek forgiveness before passing away. As it will be challenging to repent after death. Most people desire to hear about the good and terrible things that have happened. And what will happen in the future. Some people worldwide are curious about the indicators before the Day of Reckoning.

People throughout the world have different perspectives about the end of the world. On the other hand, most people think of aircraft falling out of the sky, weird weather patterns, turmoil on every street, and uncertainty at every turn.

Every religion has its own set of end-of-the-world signs and predictions, yet one may discover certain commonalities if one looks closely. According to certain people who have read the Bible and Other Scriptures, the end times are already here. Another group, on the other hand, feels that some of the events are gradually unfolding.

Many individuals believe that the continuing Covid-19 is a sign of the end times since people worldwide are suffering. The Bible prophecy in the end times also mentions an increase in mourning at the end of days in several verses and chapters.

Returning or the Second Coming of Jesus, a component of most Christian denominations and the Muslim religion, is a clear indicator. According to theologians, the ‘Last Days’ do not necessarily refer to the period as we know it.

  • People will be proud, boastful, and have no self-control
  • People will be proud, arrogant, and have no self-control
  • Disobedience to parents will increase
  • Religious teachings and practices will not be consider sacred
  • Most people will not want to love or forgive others and instead be patronizing and use slander
  • Cruelty will rise, and people will turn away from good actions and gravitate toward negative ones.

The war between good and evil will carry on until benevolence triumphs over evil at the end of time. The bunch of nasty people will grow even more ruthless and self-centered. On the other side, decent individuals will mature and counteract the bad in society.

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