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I welcome those who read the review, especially those who are seriously versed in buying a PC. Today I have a PC review from ZET Gaming. For those not in the know, this is DEXP.

So, let’s start with the body.

By the looks of it, it’s pretty good. You can immediately pay tribute to the case and the coolness, because this is, at least, not a closed case.

Now let’s move on to the specifications.

Processor Intel Core i5 10400F.
Cores: 6;
Threads: 12;
Clock frequency: 2.9 / 4.3 Ghz;

I think the microprocessor is exemplary. I myself am the owner of the processor and I can say with full confidence that this is one of the best gaming solutions in terms of price / performance ratio. Completely in any games, the processor fits perfectly, not loading above 70 percent.

The i5 10400F can be called the successor to the popular Ryzen 5 2600, which at one time was by far the best in its price category. The i5 has no competition for its money.

Motherboard MSI MAG B560M BAZOOKA.

For the choice of the motherboard – a separate respect. Zet gaming decided to squeeze the maximum out of the potential of the microprocessor, taking the B560 chipset, which, in which case, will allow for an update. For example, on i7 11700F.

Of the pluses, it is also necessary to note support for a RAM frequency of up to 3200 Mhz, with all this, there are 4 slots for RAM, 2 M2 slots, there is a cooling of the multifunctional panel and the VRM zone. In general, the selection of the board surprised me.

RAM A-DATA 2×8 gb 3200 Mhz.

There is good memory here: 2 modules of 8 gigabytes each at a frequency of 3200 Mhz from the usual A-Data XPG brand, and even the timings are adequate here – 16-20-20.

To be honest, I expected to see some other op here. If not 8 GB, then, as the smallest, not that frequency, but here everything is surprisingly normal, which is unique for ready-made assemblies.

But this is not the end, look further.

At least here I expected a cheap box bag, but they didn’t save here either. Peppy Gammax GT from DeepCool, with a power dissipation of 150W TDP. And even here there was a standard boxed cooler, which would have been enough, since the microprocessor is very cold.

Video card Palit Geforce RTX 3060.

Core / memory frequency: 1320 MHz / 12740 Video
memory: 12 GB.
The balance of iron, in the image of a tightrope walker. I tend to think the map matched perfectly. A more exciting option, especially since in modern games it shows itself perfectly even in 2K resolution, not to mention FullHD.

Despite being the cheapest RTX 3060 on the market, that doesn’t stop it from being a great card.

Huge respect for the video card.

Storage device.

One SSD M2 for 512 gigabytes, everything is standard.

Power supply DEEPCOOL DN650 650W.
Already at this step, I had no doubt that the power supply would be about nothing, and also here I was mistaken. This is all for yourself a jaunty DeepCool Dn at 650W with a standard 80 Plus certificate. Good choice!


Nice case from DeepCool. But, to be honest, it’s already a little sick of this body, because everyone takes it. This is probably the most popular case for 2021.

But, this does not mean that the case is bad, but vice versa – it is a good high-quality case with 4 fans (3 for intake, 1 for exhaust). It has tempered glass, lighting, and it’s all at the highest level.

Few pluses (+)

1)looks great on the desk with all the gadgets

2) the backlight is adjustable

3) not too bright lighting

4) excellent accessories

5) good fps in games is the main thing for gamers–61fa548ba9f5b8008e5fa2ad

And now let’s calculate how much it will be profitable to assemble such a PC yourself.

(I look at all prices for components only in dns)

Processor – 13,000 rubles;

Motherboard – 11,000 rubles;

Cooler – 3000 rubles;
RAM – 8100 rubles;

Video card – 75,000 rubles

SSD – 5000 rubles;

Power supply – 4000 rubles;

Case – 5000 rubles;

Total 124 100 rubles

It turns out that it is more profitable for us to buy this assembly than to assemble it ourselves!

And so, let’s summarize

Definitely and without a doubt, this is the best prebuilt PC I’ve seen. In addition to the fact that the components are perfectly matched here.


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