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Organized photo trip: 5 good reasons to make one


Surely you have wondered several times why your photo trips are not 100% perfect. If you are in front of this article, it is because the photography of landscapes attracts you as much as me. If so, stay on this page as I tell you how to make an exciting and productive organized photo trip.  

The advantages of an organized photo trip

1. You will know what photo equipment you need during your trip 

One of the questions we often ask ourselves is what equipment we should take on our trip. Since all trips are different, the photo equipment we will need is not necessarily the same each time.

Each photo domain requires separate hardware. In this article we are going to focus on landscape photography because it is one of the disciplines that requires more than one accessory to achieve the desired result.  

The biggest advantage of an organized photo trip is that the organizers or trainers already know the location. They have already gone through the inconveniences of the terrain, know the way, the time to get there and above all the most optimal material for each moment. 

If you have to travel by plane, we will give you advice on the type of backpack you should use so as not to have problems when boarding, on where to store the batteries (which often have restrictions) , tripod and other materials.

You will be advised from the first minute by your trainer who will tell you what equipment to take with you. 

What kind of clothes we should wear

We will leave on the basis of a landscape photo trip. Here we will have to pay attention to the advice of the organizers. 

Whether traveling to Iceland, Asturias, Lofoten Islands, Costa Rica, Tuscany or Death Valley (USA), we will need different clothes for each destination. And it would be a shame to forget a raincoat or a thick jacket and not take the photo because of this oversight.

2. You will have photographic support throughout your trip

In addition to having valu photo advice throughout the trip, you will be able to discover the equipment that the brands are used to giving to allow the assistants to have more freedom during their shots. 

Photo-tours differ from other trips because the organizer is also a photo trainer, who knows the place you are going to photograph. 

This point gives you the advantage of not worrying about looking for the right information to reach the chosen location.

Depending on the time of year, the weather conditions of the place and the difficulties related to these can change a lot. It will therefore be necessary to know how to prepare to face them before going out. 

Sponsors are used to helping assistants on their trips with equipment that can be tested such as cinema lenses, filters, filter holders and other accessories. Necessary equipment for this type of photo. 

These are trips in which we give training 24 hours a day, where there is always someone with photo knowledge who can help you. 

This will allow you to resolve all your doubts and thus reconcile the benefits of travel, with photography and especially photo training. 

3. You will spend all your time photographing

As we said at the beginning of the article, landscape photographers are looking for a special photo, with a unique light in a singular moment. 

We are not in the habit of looking at our watch, but rather dedicating a lot of time, especially the hours when the rest of humans are sleeping or having dinner. 

By being accompanied by a group of photographers, you will enjoy the photo even more. 

4. You will learn to live with other photographers

The friendliness will surely be the most pleasant memory you will have of this trip. 

Sharing with the other participants makes us become a group in its own right. This makes it possible to create links, the first of which with the photo, and then perhaps friendships will be born. 

5. You will cease to be a beginner photographer 

Long ago I learned the difference between taking pictures and making pictures. They are completely separate concepts. Thus, when someone wants to take a photo, he must feel like a photographer. During photo trips, it is thus easy to feel like a photographer. 


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