6 Easy Tools for Creating an Animated Video – A Complete Guide for Newbies!


Animated videos are created using any number of artistic styles.  With drawings, illustrations, original designs, and computer-generated effects animated videos have been made to move in an eye-catching way. The video animation industry is rapidly emerging allowing video-makers to pursue their career in the field.

In addition to that many online video animation makers are working in the industry. Providing clients or businesses with custom animated videos services they are rocking the stage. Many online animated video-making tools and software are also available. Anyone interested in creating animated videos can use such tools and software to create engaging videos. Some of the tools are free to use whereas some are paid. You can choose to work according to your needs and ease. Or perhaps you may hire an animated video-making service provider.

6 Easy Tools Online Available You Can Use To Create An Animated Video

1.    Doodly

You would be amazed to know that there is this online video animation tool named Doodly that you can use to create an animated video all flawlessly. It is an easy-to-use and fun animation tool that you can use to create doodle videos. The tool has various significant features and veritable options to help users craft videos in seconds. Creating eye-catching doodles becomes easy with Doodle now. You may upload your own image or may choose one from their library and convert it into doodles. So why wait anymore? Start creating your own animated doodle now without any obstacles.

2.    Toonly

Are you a small business and want to convey your message to your audience? Explainer videos are the go-to solution for this purpose – for a reason. This is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to deliver what you want to say to your users. Explainer videos are considered an amazing way to introduce customers and clients to your business seamlessly.

Now the question arises how to make such explainer videos? Toonly is the ultimate and the first choice of everyone for creating explainer videos. The software helps you create animated explainer videos with an easy to use interface. It also has a wide array of characters, icons, and backgrounds that you can use. Toonly is a user-friendly video animation tool that you can use to tell your story to your audience.

3.    EasyVSL

Do you want to create energetic and kinetic presentations? EasyVSL makes it simple for its users. The software is highly useful for making content based on kinetic and energetic presentations. It offers a variety of templates, styles, graphics, and more to help users create whatever they want. You can choose among them and add them into your videos, vice over, and content.

The tool recently introduced a new A.I. feature to its software to help you make your presentation syncing up easier than ever before. What else do you need?

4.    Powtoon

Considered as another viable presentation tool, Powtoon is highly recommended for newbies. It lets its users add animation to their content simply and easily. The tool enables you to create presentations and explainer videos in no time. You can select templates and add your ideas. Shortly, you will have a ready-to-use demonstration for your project.

5.    Animaker

As the name implies, it is a web-based animation creating tool available online. The tool is highly effective and easy to use for creating appealing content. It helps its users create stylized videos more efficiently. Adaptive to innovative technology, the tool also offers a feature of combining live-action and animation. The most important thing about this tool is that they offer a free service as well. So, if you are a newbie you can use this tool before you buy it.

6.    Moovly

A tool that provides inclusive features and applications to its users. You can use Moovly to create not only animated videos but Ads, banners, YouTube introductions, and whiteboard animations as well. It also offers a library with over 60,000 free samples to choose from for its users. Additionally, there is no software to download when you use Moovly. You have an opportunity to create any type of content within your web browser.

A Quick Guide To Make Animated Videos?

You can use any of the mentioned tools to create your own animated video like a pro! Here is how you can do it:

  • Write a Stellar Video Script – crafting a video script can be intimidating. However, with practice, you can master the art. Evaluate what you want to include in your video and craft the script accordingly.
  • Transform Your Message into Storytelling – people love stories. It is suggested to convey your messages in the form of a story so that you can attract your audience easily.
  • Create a Storyboard – it plays a crucial role when producing animated videos. It will help you assess how your final video will look before even producing it. In addition to that, this practice will also help you figure out if the video will work for you or you may need to modify it more. For a better experience, you can also use online storyboard tools available for free.
  • Choose Your Animation Video Style – in accordance with the type of your video content, you can choose any video style. Make sure that the style you will choose suits your video best.
  • Animate Your Video – considered a very challenging task. You may want to animate your video on your own. Or perhaps, want to hire an in-house team. You may also opt to outsource to an animation studio. It all depends on you.

Last Verdict

Video animation becomes easy if you have the proper information. Hopefully, the guide provided you with useful information regarding the tools available online for creating animated videos. You have a better idea about how to produce your own video as well.

So what are you waiting for now?

Start with the game now!

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