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Teaching the Quran in the Family in UK


A place where members of the family can come together to absorb Allah’s lessons Online Quran Teaching or communicate in the Quranic language would be preferable. As a result, not only does your devotion to Allah grow, but your relationship with your family grows as well.
The suggestions provided below can assist you in involving your family in your Online Quran Teaching study.

Establish a common set of objectives for everyone:

When learning the Quran as a family, it is critical to be clear about your objectives. And this vision should assist you in setting goals that are achievable by everyone. Do you want everyone to be able to communicate in Arabic? Alternatively, would you want to learn Quranic stories together?

Should we learn by heart, or should we memorise?

Depending on their age and gender, your family members will most likely be diverse. Adults who have different learning abilities than children may also have more time to devote to their studies than youngsters. As a result, your objectives should be in the best interests of all parties involved Online Quran Teaching.

The Quran teaches us the following lessons:

One of the most frequently recommended practises for Online Quran Teaching learners is to maintain a collection of resources. This is especially true if you’re memorising Quranic passages. Your Mushaf (hard copy of the Quran), reciter, or even a designated location in your home for memorization sessions are all excellent options.

The same concept can be applies to memorising the Quran as a family unit. Make a space in your home just for your Quran study. All additional materials, such as Seerah, Hadith collections, or even Quran-teaching apps, that you utilise should be the same for everyone in the family. This done in order to ensure that everyone receives the same educational experience.

Plan for Family Knowledge and Revision on a Timetable:

Organize a family study session to learn more about the Quran and Arabic language and culture. This can function similarly to a family study circle in that it encourages information sharing among all family members.

Consider scheduling your event for the early mornings or late evenings when everyone is at home and not in a hurry.. The early morning hours are perfect for memorising the Quran or learning Arabic, but the late evening hours after night prayers are ideal for teaching your family about the Quran.

Although each family will develop its own set of learning sessions, the most essential thing is that it becomes a habit for everyone in the family.

Despite the fact that your family does not all live together, such as if your children are in college, you can still learn Quran as a family. Create a schedule for family revision sessions that includes video conferences, and utilise messaging technologies such as WhatsApp to discuss Quranic lectures or to encourage everyone’s progress.

Online classes and mobile applications are available to Quran students as well as their families. As a result, even though you’re thousands of miles apart, you’ll be able to keep up.

Everyone’s support and encouragement

In order to learn the Quran, both children and adults require motivation. This is one of the advantages of receiving a family education. Each person appears to be holding hands and discussing their experiences, both positive and negative.

Online Quran Teaching

You can create anything to recognise and reward your family members for their academic achievements. This could take the shape of gifts or a period of time spent away from home, among other things. This encourages children to learn more.

Competition is good for business:

Competitions, in addition to fostering independent learning outside of family study hours, can assist us in increasing our knowledge in specific disciplines. It’s a fantastic idea to assign everyone age-appropriate assignments to complete as a group. Children, for example, can choose a Quranic tale that has been explore within the family. Then they develop or draw engaging illustrations to illustrate the lessons learned from the text.

During a family revision session, adults might learn about a Prophet and discuss his or her life. This encourages involvement and, as a result, increases Online Female Quran Teacher understanding and intelligence in the long run.

Learning the Quran as a family is one of the most useful activities for strengthening family ties. This tie not only strengthens your relationship in this life, but it also binds you to an eternal reward in the next life.


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