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Modern ironing systems: from the press to the mannequin


The times when heavy cast-iron irons were used for ironing clothes are long gone, but the dislike for this routine has remained. I would like clothes and home textiles to look like “new” without any extra effort. Fortunately, many devices are being created to make life easier. Knowing about them is essential.

Many modern ironing devices come from industry. Bulky devices that were indispensable in laundries, sewing shops have changed and boldly stepped into houses and apartments. Ironing systems have become smaller, more convenient, more understandable for the user. But most importantly, they retained high efficiency.

Press hangers
Ironing creases on dress pants instead of watching your favorite series, what could be worse? People who prefer or are forced to wear classic clothes are familiar with this. To solve a sore problem, there are press hangers – a cross between a household appliance and an interior item.

The press hanger conveniently accommodates a suit and accessories. It consists of two heated plates – a trouser press, a coat hanger, a hanger for a tie or belt. It can be supplemented with shelves for small things. It is a floor structure on wheels with a typical wood-like furniture design.

Pants are placed between the plates, the device is turned on. The fabric is smoothed due to thermal and mechanical effects. This takes about an hour. Usually press hangers are equipped with an automatic shutdown function, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your clothes. The only drawback of a useful device is its narrow focus.

Ironing presses
Even in the middle of the last century, ironing presses were used only in industrial enterprises. In the 80s, the first household models appeared. The ironing press is a productivity champion. It helps to quickly deal with a bunch of crumpled clothes, bed linen, towels. Its secret is a large work surface.

The device consists of two platforms. The bottom one is stationary. It is lined with fabric and has a soft lining. Acts as an ironing board. The upper platform is movable. Made of metal and similar to the sole of an iron. The ironing press provides temperature adjustment for different types of fabric. There are models with a steam generator.

Ironing press MIE Romeo III silver
To iron, the garment is placed between two plates and pressed under pressure. After such processing, not a single fold remains on the fabric. An ironing press is indispensable when you often have to iron large volumes. It does not stretch the fibers of the fabric, so the clothes do not lose their shape and retain their original appearance for a long time.

Ironing systems
The ironing system is a complete set of ironing equipment. It consists of a board and an iron with a steam generator built into it. Why can’t you just buy all the components separately?

Ironing system MIE Classico red 56 999 *
The main reason and feature of the ironing system is a table with heating, blowing and vacuum functions. The active work table simplifies fabric handling. Heating helps to get well-ironed on both sides, dry linen. Pressurization is needed for working with delicate fabrics. It spreads the product for non-contact steaming. Vacuum fixes clothes. Convenient for creating neat folds on a skirt or trousers.

A high-quality ironing system with high power and continuous steam supply will cope not only with the daily ironing of linen, but also with maintaining order – processing carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture. The device folds for storage, which is important for small apartments. If you plan to frequently move the ironing system, you need to pay attention to the convenience of the design and its weight.

Mannequins for ironing
It is difficult to tidy up a tight jacket or jacket with one iron. Delicate washing, drying on a coat hanger – this is not enough. Dry cleaners and laundries use professional ironing mannequins. But why not use them at home? Manufacturers of equipment took care of creating household and semi-professional models.

The ironing mannequin consists of a frame fixed on a swivel base and inflatable elements imitating a human figure. Household models are equipped with two inflatable mannequins – for shirts, jackets, jackets and trousers. A heater, a fan, and a control unit are placed on the base. Usually the device is supplied with a steam generator.

Ironing mannequin Eolo SA05 106 999 *
Clothes are put on the mannequin, the desired mode is selected. The rest happens automatically: the product is processed from the inside with a hot stream. Ironing a shirt takes about 10 minutes. You don’t even need to dry your clothes. It can be ironed immediately after washing and spinning. Processing with heat and steam will help get rid of wrinkles or simply refresh a thing that has been stale in the closet.

Ironing machines
Almost everyone knows about washing machines and dryers, few know about ironing machines. But this device can make life much easier. The first ironing machines, like many others, were industrial. Modern models are ergonomic electric devices that can dry, iron and steam products from any type of fabric.

The roll ironing machine works on a simple principle – the product passes over a rotating roll to an electrically heated surface, where it is rolled out under the applied pressure. The roll is covered with elastic upholstery, so it does not damage the fabric. Such an ironing machine is optimal for processing large straight products – curtains, bed linen. It gets the job done quickly and is easy to use. You can iron in a comfortable position – sitting on a chair.

Smart ironing machine is the most modern device. Immediately after washing, things are hung on special hangers. They do not need to be sorted by shape or fabric type. You can upload almost everything: trousers, T-shirts, socks, underwear. After starting, things are hidden one by one inside the device. It takes 3-6 minutes to process one product. The machine itself dries, irons and steams clothes. Then he puts it on the other side of the case. The ironing process can be controlled using a dedicated smartphone app.

steam cabinets
The steam cabinet does not look much like the piece of furniture of the same name. Rather, it resembles an unusual refrigerator. The main functions of the device are drying and steaming clothes. Depending on the cost, it may have additional options – a built-in trouser press, delicate drying and disinfection functions, and the ability to synchronize with a smartphone.

The device consists of a clothes compartment with an average of 4-6 hangers, a water tank, a condensate tank. The control panel is located on the door. The device is equipped with a powerful steam generator, which requires connection to the water supply. During operation, the cabinet is noisy, so you need to think in advance about its placement in the house, so as not to experience discomfort in the future.

Steam oven LG Styler S3RERB
The steam cabinet will easily cope with the most persistent folds, get rid of unpleasant odors. This is a real find for clothes that require careful handling. Unlike most ironing devices, the steam cabinet will look great in the interior. Brands offer interesting options – models with an elegant mirror and even color design.


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