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How You Get Manufacturing Process With Microsoft Cloud For Manufacturing


Empower Manufacturing Process with Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses need to step into digital transformation to stay competitive in a changing market space. Knowing the need to embrace digital across business, more manufacturing companies are making smart manufacturing investments. Investment in smart technologies like Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing helps businesses to take advantage of their growing data and extract new value from it.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing offers incredible capabilities and tools to ensure business continuity, operational visibility, productivity, and more. Connecting smart cloud capabilities, businesses can increase asset productivity in a safer and secure manufacturing environment. Furthermore, they can innovate as they progress. This highly adaptable solution provides supply chain visibility that ensures core production for mission critical manufacturing businesses.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is created to provide manufacturers the capabilities to address the critical business needs, be it creating more agile factories, resilient supply chains, empowering the hybrid work nature or driving innovation across business.

Johnson and Johnson, the largest healthcare company in the world, transforms its operations using Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing capabilities, Microsoft Azure, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing Execution Systems. This helped them to drive digital innovation, reduce operational costs, increase agility, avoid supply chain disruptions and increase productivity.

When you decide to empower your manufacturing process with Microsoft Cloud, you can get the support from Microsoft Partners. If your business is based in any of the MENA or Asian countries, partner with a trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation partner in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, and India.

Build a sustainable manufacturing process

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing offers capabilities to support the core manufacturing process within the business. It seamlessly connects people, processes, assets, workflows and empowers enterprises to be more powerful and outcome driven.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is infused with capabilities such as Asset Productivity, Supply Chain Visibility, Learning and Knowledge Management, and more. Moreover, you can integrate new capabilities like mixed reality, Microsoft Teams and other apps.

Transform your workforce

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing digitally enables your workforce with necessary skills and tools. This helps them to address complex challenges and keep pace with digital manufacturing. From frontline workers to office workers to customers, the solution connects everyone from anywhere, supporting remote work.

Build factory of the future

Ensure new level of productivity, innovation and productivity using technologies like cloud-based computing, mixed reality, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. Simplify manufacturing process with continuous monitoring of assets, identifying vulnerabilities and threat detection. It intelligently connects your people, processes and products and provides a complete visibility into your manufacturing operations. This helps employees to analyze and solve problems and improve efficiency.

AI-enabled automation improves the production process and minimizes downtime. With a smart manufacturing process, improve overall equipment effectiveness; improve throughput, and quality and delivery.

Improve supply chain process

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing includes capabilities that enable businesses to create an agile supply chain. It provides complete visibility into the supply chain by connecting market data, customers and external and internal supply chain. You can optimize planning and manage your stock needs. The solution connects data across your supply chain system, allowing you to make informed decisions, adapt to the changing market conditions, build predictability, and more.

Drive innovation

The solution allows you to innovate products quickly. Design, simulate and validate products through virtual representation called digital twin and manufacturing solutions. This helps you launch products in a quick time.

Customer engagement

The solution is embedded with capabilities to improve customer engagement, satisfaction and revenue margins. With insights into customers, you can better understand your customers and deliver personalized engagement. Sales and marketing teams can take advantage of these insights to engage with customers across channels. It helps organizations to improve the sales process, enabling sales team to tap into opportunities and close sales deals faster. With the insights, customer service teams can predict, detect and resolve issues.

From manufacturing operations to designing to workforce, engineering processes to supply chain management and customer engagement, Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing connects all the aspects of your manufacturing in a productive way. You can secure your manufacturing unit and equipment, empower your workforce, accelerate time-to-market, and create an agile supply chain. Get what you need to digitally transform your manufacturing process with Microsoft Cloud for manufacturing.

Some of the global companies that use Microsoft Cloud in their manufacturing process include    3M, Alcoa, Ecolab, and the list goes on. As more companies are shifting to Microsoft Cloud, it is time for you to be ready for the future with the industry-leading cloud solutions for manufacturing. Always rely on the experience of Microsoft Partners when you decide to implement Microsoft Cloud for manufacturing, retail or finance or other Dynamics 365 apps. You can get expert guidance on Microsoft Dynamics Partner from the leading Microsoft Implementation Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, and India.


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