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Mental Prison 5e – A Closer Look


The fifth edition of the mental prison series is about to be released. It is a game that takes place in a world whose inhabitants are confined to an isolated mental prison, and must overcome challenges and overcome obstacles to escape. There are several different aspects to the game, such as Disintegrate, Teleportation, Psychic Crush, and the Dimension Door. Let’s take a closer look at the game and see how it works.

Psychic Crush

Mental Prison is an illusion spell that is powerful, but can cause a lot of trouble. You can create an illusion that will trap a creature in a room or even a cage. In addition, the illusion will allow a creature to make saving throws each turn. However, it also has a stun if the save is unsuccessful. Depending on the level of the spell, the target’s health can be reduced to zero, or it can be restored to full health naturally.

Unlike other psychic attacks, the damage from Mental Prison is not diminished by the presence of a physical object. The illusion ends when the target makes a melee attack through the illusion, or moves out of it. If the creature moves out of the illusion, it is subject to an additional 10d10 psychic damage. This spell can take out a single creature from combat, or two. It has a range of 60ft, but a maximum duration of one minute.

Dimension Door

A new addition to Xanatar’s guide to spells is Mental Prison. Unlike most of its counterparts, this spell is not only easy to cast, but it also has many other effects that can add to its impact. While the primary effect is dealing 5d10 psychic damage, it also has a restrained status that the target is unable to move through normal methods.

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In order to cast this spell, you must make an INT save. If you fail, the spell forces the target to remain restrained for the duration of the spell. This effect can be cancelled if the target takes a successful action, such as moving or attacking. The effects of Mental Prison are similar to those of other 6th level spells. However, its secondary damage is significantly greater.

Another advantage to this spell is that it does not provoke an opportunity attack. Rather, the target must make a concentration check or be removed from the spell.


There are a number of ways to teleport in 5e. For example, you can teleport to another place through the use of a Dimension Door. You can also use your Mage HandPHB to move things at a safe distance.

Another way to teleport is to cast a spell, such as Vortex Warp. This spell can teleport an ally or foe to a nearby location. It requires a Constitution save and a target with at least a frail defense. The spell has some tactical benefits, as well. If you are dealing with a monster who is weak and vulnerable to a lot of damage, you can teleport him to a more dangerous location. However, if you are trying to teleport an ally to a frail location, it may be difficult to deal with.

Misty Step is another way to teleport. It is also invisible and has a clear path to your target. In addition, you can ignore a wall of force.


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