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 MBA Colleges in Canada without GMAT


Most of the students choose Canada to get their higher studies. Because the worth of the MBA degree is acceptable in many countries. Those students who complete their graduation from Canadian colleges can easily get a job in any country. Canadian colleges provide their students with the best environment to get study. As a student, if you want to do research, you will find Canada is the best country in the world on the basis of education. When you compare Canadian colleges to US or UK universities, their tuition fees are much cheaper than those countries. 

It offers its students some scholarships programs and also those students who come from other countries to get higher education. For those students who want to do a part-time job to support their studies, the management of Canadian colleges allows them to do a job twenty hours a week. Those students who do not know what to do in this situation in online classes, Canadian online experts help those students in their difficult times. They guide them in the best way. In this article, we have mentioned those colleges where students do not need to attend the GMAT exam to get admission to Canadian colleges.

Smith School OF Business, Queen’s University:

The best thing about Queen’s University is that it offers its students twelve months MBA program license. Those students who accept this offer do not need to attend the GMAT exam to get admission to this university. This university builds in its students’ experience of practical work, leadership, and skills that help in their business careers. To get admissions, students have to complete their bachelor’s degree related to business courses like accounting, statistics, economics, and so on. Students also have some experience in their related fields. If students score good marks in their bachelor’s degree, it also offers them some scholarship programs.

Lakehead University:

Lakehead University is a public university. It is located in Thunder Bay. Students have to score more than 6 bands in IELTS to get admission to this university. When students succeed in the achievement of the IELTS bend, they do not need to clear the GMAT exam. This university offers students a part-time or full-time MBA program. Those students who want to do a part-time job can choose a part-time MBA graduate program. Most of the students get job offers from this university and the companies associated with it. To get a degree from this university, students have to clear six modules with at least sixty percent. This university produces some business development skills in its students, which students apply in their practical life.  

New York Institute of Technology, British Columbia:

This is another university in Canada that allows students to get admissions without the GMAT exam. The only requirement of this university is students have to score more than a 3.5 GPA. Unfortunately, those students who did not succeed in getting more than a 3.5 GPA will not get admission to this university. If the students apply to this university from another country, they have to score the best bends in the IELTS. It offers its students two types of programs: MBA Management and MBA Finance.

Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University:

Most of the students want some weekend base program to complete their graduates’ degrees. This university is the best option for those students. It requires a very low score in the GMAT exam. This university offers only a finance management course in their weekend program. Some students do a part-time job to support their studies. This university is famous for its postgraduate degree among international students. For those who are not able to attend physical classes, it offers students to attend classes online from their suitable places.

Ivey Business School, Toronto:

This university is top on the list that offers admission without the GMAT exam. Moreover, this university helps those to complete their graduate degree in MBA who are not able to attend the classes regularly. They allow international students to do part-time jobs. It provides students a good environment; its teachers or professors appropriately teach their students.

After the pandemic, all these universities mentioned above offer their students online class facilities that students attend their classes from homes or offices. Pandemic almost affects all universities of the world. Many students decide to quit their education to save their university fees and start learning from the online courses available on the internet. In the time of the pandemic, the internet helps a lot to those who want to continue their education. Most of the students search on the internet, Online class help. Because they do not tackle online attending classes due to their part-time jobs. But now the situation is under control, students can get admission to those colleges or universities without the GMAT exam.  


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