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Marinating shish kebab in a vacuum sealer


Summer is not complete without barbecue. Its taste depends on the quality of the marinade – everyone knows this. Some people prefer to buy ready-made shish kebab in the store, while others pickle it at home. For those who prepare barbecue on their own, there is another way to marinate – using a vacuum sealer. What are the pros, how to do everything right to make it tasty and the most popular recipes further.

What can a vacuum sealer do?
A vacuum sealer is a device that allows you to store products for a long time in airless packaging. You can read about how to store cut meat, fish, preparations for salads and soups, as well as dry foods in this article .

Also, a vacuum packer will help at the stage of making balyk or dry-cured sausage .

But this is not all its possibilities. The most delicious barbecue is obtained in a vacuum sealer. The reason is that due to the alternating pumping and launching of air into the vacuum container with meat, the marinade penetrates well and evenly into all layers of the meat. At the same time, the meat fibers themselves are easily softened and opened. As a result, the kebab turns out to be a juicy and rich taste of the marinade.

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Benefits of marinating meat in a vacuum sealer
Extended shelf life. Meat marinated in a plastic container can be stored for 1-2 days in the refrigerator. Marinated meat in a vacuum bag will lie for up to 5-7 days.
Taste properties. The marinade does not acquire a bitter taste, since the oils included in it do not go rancid.
marinating speed. With a vacuum, the pores of the meat are well opened, and the marinade quickly and evenly penetrates inside. If you are already in a hurry to leave, and the meat is not ready yet, do not worry, 15-20 minutes in a vacuum and you can already string it on skewers.

Odor protection. Vacuum-packed shish kebab will retain the smell, while not absorbing others, as well as products standing with shish kebab on the same shelf in the refrigerator will not smell of spices (garlic, onion and others).

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To marinate shish kebab, you need to choose a vacuum sealer with a special tube that is attached to a vacuum container.

Vacuum containers come in different sizes, 3-4 liters are suitable for barbecue.

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You can marinate meat in this container, take it to the picnic place in it, the lid is hermetically sealed and the juice will not spill. Ready meat left after a picnic can also be stored for a longer period in this container by pumping out the air with a vacuum cleaner.

barbecue marinade recipes

There are two types of marinade – dry and wet.

Dry means the addition of all kinds of spices. Well suited for young and quality meat. Since it does not need to be soaked, but you only need to add flavoring features. Good for meat: all kinds of pepper, cumin, cardamom, thyme, dill, garlic, onion.
Wet involves the use of various liquids to soak and tenderize the meat. Most often used: mayonnaise, kefir, mineral water, wine, lemon juice, beer.
Onions are found in almost all marinades, as they help open the fibers, have a rich taste and have an antibacterial effect, extending the shelf life of the marinade.

Pork skewers on kefir
Ingredients: 500 g of onion, hops-suneli seasoning, salt, black pepper, 500 ml of kefir 2.5%, pork meat 2 kg.

Finely chop the onion, crush until the juice appears.
Sprinkle ½ teaspoon seasoning, salt and pepper to taste.
Roll the meat in this mixture and place in a vacuum container.
Pour in kefir.
Close the container and mix well by shaking the container.
Evacuate the air with a vacuum sealer.
After 15-20 minutes, the marinade is ready.

Mineral water pork or lamb shish kebab
Ingredients: 500 gr onion, 5 garlic cloves, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, hops-suneli seasoning, salt, black pepper, a liter of mineral water with gas, lamb or pork meat 2 kg.

Put the meat in a container.
Cut the onion into rings and put on the meat.
Crush the garlic with a garlic press.
Add seasoning, garlic, salt and pepper.
Pour in one liter of mineral water.
Close the container tightly, connect the vacuum cleaner. Marinate 20 minutes.
Shish kebab “tomato”, chicken
Ingredients: 500 gr onion, 5 garlic cloves, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, barbecue seasoning, salt, black pepper, 500 ml of tomato juice, chicken (legs) 2 kg.

Mix chopped onion and garlic with seasoning, salt and pepper.
Dip the legs in the mixture and place in a container.
Pour meat with tomato juice.
Marinate in a vacuum sealer for 15 minutes.

mayonnaise shish kebab
Ingredients: 300 g of onion, 500 ml of mayonnaise, curry seasoning, salt, black pepper, any 2 kg meat.

Puree the onion with a blender.
Mix it with mayonnaise, salt and pepper.
Marinade and meat put in a container, mix everything well.
Marinate for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the type of meat. Chicken cooks faster, pork and lamb take longer.
Lamb shish kebab
Ingredients: 600 g of onion, 3 cloves of garlic, 700 ml of beer (preferably live), coriander and paprika seasonings, salt, black pepper, lamb 2 kg.

Mix finely chopped onion and garlic with 2 teaspoons of paprika and coriander seasonings.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Dip the meat pieces into the mixture.
Put everything in a container and pour beer.
Marinate for about half an hour in a vacuum.

Shish kebab “Meat platter”
Ingredients: 500 g onion, 500 g tomato, 1 eggplant, 2 bell peppers, champignons 300 g, lard 100 g, 200 ml dry white wine, 300 ml orange fresh juice, 3 tbsp. tablespoons of vegetable oil, 3 cloves of garlic, barbecue seasoning, salt, black pepper, lamb 1 kg, pork 1 kg, veal or chicken 1 kg.

Cut each type of meat into neat pieces of 100 gr. The marinade for each type of meat is prepared separately, which means that three vacuum containers are required.
Marinade for pork: mix chopped onion with vegetable oil (1 tablespoon), salt, pepper and seasonings, roll the meat and pour dry white wine.
Marinade for veal or chicken: rub the meat with pepper and salt, add seasonings, vegetable oil and onion rings. Puree the tomatoes in a blender and add to the meat.
Marinade for lamb: put the meat in a mixture of seasonings with onions and garlic, pour over orange juice.
Remove air from all containers with a vacuum cleaner, marinate for 20 minutes.
While the meat is marinating, prepare the vegetables (pepper and eggplant) and mushrooms. They need to be washed and cut into large slices. Salo cut into small pieces.
String on skewers in turn: chicken (veal), bell pepper, lard, pork, eggplant, lard, lamb, champignon.

Choose a recipe according to your taste. Marinating, as we have seen, can be a very fast process. While you are driving to the picnic area, preparing the barbecue and igniting the coals, the marinade will be ready. Some more time by the fire and one of the most delicious dishes of the summer is in your hands! Bon Appetit!—get-the-real-az-800-questions-2022


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